Thank you for visiting the website for the IU Southeast Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Our campus welcomes amazing students each semester and hope this website will serve as an informative resource about IU Southeast scholarships as well as the financial aid process.

Steps to apply for Scholarships at IU Southeast

  1. If you do not yet have an IU computing account
  2. Log in to your account and click start on the "Scholarships" webpage
  3. Complete the General Scholarship Application
    • This will put you into consideration for over $1 million in awards!
    • The General Scholarship Application is open October 1st - March 10th each year
  4. Be sure to complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for the upcoming year

Please visit the IU Knowledge Base for more information about the applications (Requires CAS login).

Report Other Aid

Use this form to report other financial aid resources which are not listed in your financial aid package.

Scholarship Reinstatement Appeal

Fill out the Scholarship Reinstatement Appeal Form

*PLEASE REMEMBER: The Reinstatement Appeal is only for Renewable IUS Scholarships.

Scholarship Reinstatement Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a student need to submit an appeal?

Scholarship students who do not meet scholarship criteria, such as earn the required GPA or maintain enrollment requirements, for their scholarship may submit an appeal.

Scholarship students are ultimately responsible for checking to determine whether or not they meet the conditions for scholarship renewal, and submit an appeal should they choose to do so.

The Reinstatement Appeal is only for Renewable IUS Scholarships.

When should a student submit an appeal?

The deadline is June 1st every year. Appeals should be submitted after spring grades have posted, but before June 1st. The appeal web form will be available on our website by May 15th.

What is required for an appeal?

  1. An appeal web form. It will be available on the Financial Aid Office's website by May 15th.
  2. A letter that explains the unusual circumstances that prevented you from meeting the renewal criteria.
  3. Supporting documentation. This must be provided in order to receive full consideration of your appeal. Documentation must be uploaded with the web form, and not as a separate submission. Examples of documentation are as follows: doctor’s statement, medical bills, and/or letter of support from an objective third-party.
  4. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Your FAFSA data must be on file in the Financial Aid Office by the appeal deadline of June 1st.

Where do I turn in my completed appeal?

The appeal is a web form and must be submitted online from the Financial Aid Office. The appeal and supporting documents must be on file in the financial aid office by June 1st. No exceptions are made to this policy.

How do I find out the results of my appeal?

Students are notified of appeal results via IU e-mail.

What are some valid reasons for appeal approval?

Appeal decisions are based on individual unusual circumstances beyond the student’s control, such as medical issues or death of a family member.

Who makes the decision on appeals?

The Scholarship Appeals Committee will work together to review appeals. Decisions are recommended to the Director of Financial Aid.

What happens if my appeal is denied?

The Financial Aid Office will work closely with you. Completion of the FAFSA is required with your appeal. It is strongly recommended that you submit the FAFSA prior to March 10th to ensure that you are considered for all possible sources of aid.

If I raise my cumulative GPA, can I regain my scholarship?

Students who lose their scholarship will not be automatically renewed, regardless of cumulative GPA. Students who raise their cumulative GPA to meet the scholarship requirements during the summer and/or fall semesters do not regain eligibility for their scholarship immediately. At the conclusion of the spring semester, students who have raised their cumulative GPA to the required level should fill out a reinstatement appeal form no later than June 1st. Appeals will be reviewed accordingly and scholarship reinstatements will be processed if eligibility remains.

If I lost my scholarship in a prior year, how can I be reconsidered for scholarship funding?

Students that did not appeal last year, or did appeal and were denied, can submit an appeal this year. The Scholarship Appeals Committee will review the student cumulative GPA for improvement and any unusual circumstances.

Steps to Submit a Recommendation Letter for General Scholarship Applicants

Steps for completing a scholarship thank you letter

Congratulations on your scholarship award! The instructions below are meant to assist you in writing an appropriate acknowledgement to the person (or organization) who made your scholarship possible. The name of the scholarship you received and the name of your donor are in your award letter.

Remember: All of the scholarships awarded at Indiana University Southeast have been made possible through the generous support of alumni and friends to the University. As part of our scholarship process, it is required that all scholarship recipients to write a thank you letter to these benefactors.

  • The scholarship thank you letters should be paper copy, business letters printed on professional letter paper or stock. Do not use email to write your thank you. Email is convenient for informal correspondence, but in cases like this it is inappropriate.
  • Use a high-quality word processing program that allows you to use spelling and grammar correction tools. You should print your letters using a high-resolution printer - something you would use to print a resume. Both are available to you on campus.
  • Your letter should reflect your personality. Even though it is a "formal" letter, add personal details if you think it appropriate. The following key topics should be included in the content of your letter:
    • You should comment on the impact the donor’s generosity has had on your future and even a few short sentences about what you expect to accomplish thanks in part to their gift.
    • Offer brief information on your educational and geographic background up to this point.
    • Make sure to explicitly name the scholarship. In many cases a donor may be associated with several different scholarships.
      While this might seem like a lot of information to cover, you should focus on keeping it brief and focused, no longer than one letter size page.
  • A sample letter and formatting instructions are on the back of this instruction sheet.
  • If you need assistance writing your letter or have questions about the process, contact the Office of Development at (812) 941-2464, and the staff would be happy to help you.

Thank You Letter Sample

Here is a sample thank you letter. Be sure to space the letter appropriately on the page and proofread for errors. It is imperative that the donor’s name and title be spelled correctly. Use the checklist to ensure a complete letter.

  • typed with no errors
  • contained return address and inside address
  • contained salutation
  • contained appropriate body content
  • contained complimentary close
  • contained written signature and typed signature
  • properly centered horizontally and vertically

Example of Thank You Letter

(have equal white space on top and bottom)

Your Street Address
Your City, State Abbreviation ZIP Date

(four blank lines)

Mr. (or Ms.) Scholarship Contributor c/o Indiana University Southeast Office of Financial Aid
4201 Grant Line Road New Albany, IN 47150

(one blank line)

Dear Mr. (or Ms.) Person:

(one blank line)

The first paragraph should tell the purpose of the letter.

(one blank line)

The next paragraph(s) should address the items listed on the front of this instruction sheet.

(one blank line)

The third paragraph should close the letter by thanking the person again for their support of your scholarship.

(one blank line)


(three blank lines where you sign your name)

Your Name (typed)

Download the instructions for how to complete a thank you letter

The Financial Aid Office has counselors who are always prepared to help students regarding all aspects of financial aid. They can be contacted via email at or phone at (812) 941-2246.

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