1. If you need individual advising for the M.S.Ed, licensure, or Rank I programs, contact Dr. Lisa Hoffman at or (812) 941-2137.
  2. If you are seeking advising for the School Counseling Program, please see the dates for the mandatory advising sessions below. All candidates must attend one of these sessions. Once you have attended one of these sessions, please contact Dr. Mary Bradley at (812) 941-2346.
  3. If you need individual advising for any of our Licensing, Concentration or Certification Programs, contact the following faculty advisors.
    • Computer Education (Technology) – Dr. Gary Pinkston (812) 941-2183 or Dr. Lisa Hoffman (812) 941-2137
    • Educational Leadership - Dr. Lisa Hoffman, (812) 941-2137, Dr. Robin Fankhauser, Liaison for Educational Leadership Cohort Programs, (812) 941-2136
    • English as a New Language/English as a second language – Dr. Donna Albrecht (812) 941-2594
    • Gifted and Talented Education – Dr. Lisa Hoffman (812) 941-2137
    • Reading – Dr. Susan Ridout (812) 941-2367
  4. If you wish to attend a group advising session, please see the schedule below for each program category.
  5. If you are seeking permission for a class, please follow the directions found in the online schedule. Contact Dr. Lisa Hoffman at or (812) 941-2137 if you have questions or concerns.

Master of Science in Education, Counseling Major

Advising sessions for School Counseling Program Application #1 to complete Pre-Requisite Courses and Application #2 to Clinical Cohort

Face to face advising sessions have been suspended until further notice. However; Dr. Mary Bradley will conduct individual advising sessions, via phone or Zoom, with all interested students. Please email Dr. Mary Bradley at to set up your session. We look forward to working with all interested students.