Assessment System

Performance-based assessments called “Decision Points” are opportunities to review candidate progress towards meeting the program standards at four Decision Points during the program. The Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Lisa Hoffman (, can address questions related to the assessments and the Decision Points. Petition for any exceptions to the Decision Point decisions must be approved and on file with the Graduate Studies Office.

Summative Decision Point I (SDP I)

SDPI marks acceptance as a program candidate. Candidates complete an online application; submit a personal statement identifying professional and academic goals; hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution; hold a valid teacher license; have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale in all undergraduate course work; have at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale in all graduate course work; and attend a face-to-face or virtual advising session.

Summative Decision Point II (SDP II)

SDP II is reviewed at the successful completion of three of the four core courses, no later than 18 hours into the program. In each course, H520, P507, and J500 candidates must:

  1. Meet the standards as measured through core courses SDP II key projects;
  2. Maintain a 3.0 grade in each course.

Candidates must file a Petition for Exception if the SDP II review will be delayed.

Guidelines for Summative Decision Point II Writing

  • The core course H520, Education and Social Issues, includes a key project that is aligned to some of the professional dispositions and National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).
  • A SDP II key project is included on the syllabus requirements for this core course.
  • The SDP II key project is evaluated by the core course instructor using a standard rubric established for each course.
  • The core course instructors submit all scored SDP II key projects to the SOE Director of Graduate Studies and Assessment Coordinator for review and documentation of candidates' progress in the program.

Summative Decision Point III (SDP III)

SDP III Teacher as Researcher: Impact on Student Learning

SDP III is the capstone action research project conducted as a clinical practice to ensure that candidates have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to impact student learning. This occurs most often in the building where the educator is employed. This "Teacher as Researcher" project includes a problem statement, review of research literature, research design, data analysis, reflection of the study and action plan, references, and elements related to the professional dispositions. The study is usually presented in a seminar or at the IU Southeast Research Conference. If a candidate is pursuing a concentration (such as reading, gifted and talented, computer education, ENL, special education, or content area), the action research topic should pertain to the concentration of the master's degree. The SDP III form should be used as a guideline and rubric for the writing. The rubric is used for the blind-review process of evaluation. Check for specific submission deadlines for SDP III, listed below. Depending on the results of the review of the research paper, candidates may resubmit their work up to two times.

SDP III Due Dates
May Graduates 2nd Friday of April
August Graduates 4th Friday of May
December Graduates 4th Friday of November

Note: The Application for Degree should be filed with the Records Office no later than six months prior to graduation.

Summative Decision Point IV (SDP IV)

SDP IV is the final review to ensure that all program standards and assessments have been satisfactorily met. The Application for Graduation should be filed with the Student Records Office no later than six months prior to graduation. The SDP IV paperwork should be submitted by the deadline which is during the last semester of graduate coursework leading to the degree. Check for specific submission deadlines for SDP IV, listed below. SDP IV verifies that the candidate has:

  1. Finished all required coursework;
  2. Submitted the Evaluation of Dispositions form to Canvas Submission site;
  3. Filed an "Application for Degree" 6 months before expected graduation date.
SDP IV Due Dates
May Graduates 1st Friday of May
August Graduates 1st Friday of June
December Graduates 1st Friday of December

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