Our M.S. Ed. program offers a concentration in reading that provides coursework for elementary school teachers seeking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of this field in order to better address the needs of their students in this critical learning area.

The concentration consists of 36 hours of coursework.

It meets the required accreditation outcomes, prepares candidates with required research skills, guarantees that curriculum needs are met and adds the recognition of a concentration in reading to the M.S.Ed. degree.

Required Courses

Core Courses - 12 credit hours
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-H 520 Education and Social Issues 3
EDUC-P 507 Assessment in Schools 3
EDUC-J 500 Instruction in the Context of Curriculum 3
EDUC-X 590 Research in Reading 3
Reading Courses - 15 credit hours
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-E 545 Advanced Study in the Teaching of Reading in the Elementary Schools 3
EDUC-X 504 Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties in the Classroom 3
EDUC-L 520 Advanced Study of Foreign Language Teaching 3
EDUC-K 590 Independent Study or Research in Special Education 1
EDUC-W 505 Professional Development Workshop: Technology as a Teaching Tool 1
EDUC-X 525 Practicum: Impacting Student Learning 1
EDUC-X 525 Practicum in Reading: Literacy Leadership 3
Elementary Reading Courses
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-P 510 Psychology in Teaching
Literacy Elective
EDUC-S 514 Advanced Study in the Teaching of Reading in the Junior High and Secondary Schools 3
EDUC-S 549 Advanced Study in the Teaching of Language Arts in the Elementary School 3
EDUC-S 516 Advanced Study in the Teaching of English Language Arts in the Jr. High and Secondary School 3


Please contact Faye Camahalan, Ph.D. at (812) 941-2136 or for advising information on education requirements.