The Master of Science in Education with a major in elementary education requires 30 credit hours of core graduate level courses, and 6 credit hours of electives.

Core courses (12 credit hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-H 520 Education and Social Issues 3
EDUC-P 507 Assessment in Schools 3
EDUC-J 500 Instruction in the Context of Curriculum 3
EDUC-E 590,
EDUC-X 590*
Research in Education 3

Note: H520, P507 and J500 must be taken within the first 18 credit hours. A grade of B (3.0) or higher is required in all of these courses. (Note: A grade of "B-" is a 2.7 and will not meet the requirement).

*Candidates must have completed SDPII prior to being admitted to E590 or X590. Candidates must have permission in order to take the Research in Education course. Information related to the permission will be found in the schedule. The Research in Education course must be taken between the 21st and 30th hour. This course will assist in the preparation of the Teacher as Researcher paper (TAR) to be submitted for SDP III.

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Elementary pedagogy courses (9 credit hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-P 510 Psychology in Teaching (required) 3
And any two of the following courses in the Advanced Study in the Teaching in Elementary Schools
EDUC-E 545 E545 Advanced Study in the Teaching of Reading in Elementary School* 3
EDUC-E 547 Adv. Study Teaching Soc. St. in Elem. Schools 3
EDUC-E 548 Adv. Study Teaching Science in Elem. Schools 3
EDUC-E 549 Adv. Study in Language Arts—Elementary 3
EDUC-L 511 Adv. Study Writing 3
EDUC-L 520 Adv. Study in Second/Foreign Language Teaching (ENL/ESL) 3
EDUC-N 543 Adv. Study Teaching Mathematics 3
EDUC-W 553 Methods and Materials for the Gifted and Talented
other approved Gifted and Talented Course

Consult with Program Advisor to choose three of the following courses

Elementary courses (9 credit hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-A 508 School Law and the Teacher 3
EDUC-K 505 Introduction to Special Education for Graduate Students 3
EDUC-K 553 Management of Academic and Social Behavior 3
EDUC-K 590 Research in Special Education (variable topics) 3
EDUC-L 524 Language Issues in ENL Instruction (E518/S512) 3
EDUC-P 515 Child Development 3
EDUC-P 570 Managing Classroom Behavior 3
EDUC-W 505 Professional Development Workshop: Improving Student Learning 3
EDUC-W 551 Education and Psychology of Gifted & Talented 3

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