Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Honors Program?

What qualities does the Honors Program look for in its students?

The Honors Program invites highly motivated students who seek a stimulating and exciting academic experience and formal recognition for completing a challenging program.

My test scores and/or GPA are not perfect. Can I still be considered for the Honors Program?

Yes. The Honors Program at IUS seeks to augment student’s university experience.  While the Program Director and Council expect to see evidence of interest, potential, achievement, and an excellent work ethic, they also are aware that some students are just beginning to find their academic and intellectual stride.

How many students are in the Honors Program? How many are in each class?

As of Spring 2018, the Program has 60 members, and our numbers are growing. Each Honors class has no more than 15 Honors students.

Does the Honors Program involve extra classes?

Yes: depending on your Tier, you’ll take from 6 to 12 credit hours of Honors courses.

  • Tier One Students (those entering IU Southeast directly from high school) will complete 12 credit hours: the Honors Introductory Seminar Sequence (H103 and H104) and two 300-level courses. H103 fulfills General Education requirements for Written Communication OR Diversity, and H104 fulfills General Education Requirements for Oral Communication.
  • Tier Two Students (current IU Southeast students or those transferring from another institution) will complete 6-9 credit hours: two 300-level courses and one 400-level Honors project.

Are Honors courses more difficult than non-Honors courses?

As with anything in life, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. As Honors classes offer smaller class sizes than other courses, individual interaction between professors and students is possible. Having smaller class sizes also increases the level of student-to-student interaction, often resulting in study groups and other support networks.

Are there additional scholarship opportunities for Honors students?

Honors Students in good standing are eligible for consideration for the Chancellor’s Honors Program Scholarship; Honors students are consider for this Scholarship for up to 4 years.

What are the benefits of being in the Honors Program?

While you are a student in the Honors Program, these are just a few of the benefits:

  • priority registration privileges
  • conference opportunities
  • volunteer opportunities
  • scholarship consideration
  • peer and faculty mentoring

Once you've graduated, whether you continue your education or enter the workforce, being a member of the Honors Program will have provided you with valuable skills which will be directly relevant to both academic and professional pursuits. Further, the close working relationships students will have developed with the Director and other HP faculty members will make them natural choices for careers advice and/or references.

How do I apply to the Honors Program?

I will be an incoming freshman. How do I apply for the Honors Program?

Prospective students may complete an application for Tier One of the Honors Program when they apply for admission to the university. These applications are considered year-round; however, if one hopes to receive a Chancellor’s Honors Program Scholarship, it’s best to apply as soon as possible.

I am a current student at IUS, or I will be transferring soon. How can I apply to the Honors Program?

Current and transferring students may apply for admission to Tier Two of the Program at any time.

What does the application process entail?

Any student wishing to join the Honors Program should complete an application, indicating whether he or she wishes to apply for Tier One or Tier Two. In addition to the four page application, students should submit the following:

  • Three references, to be completed by an instructor, employer, mentor, coach, or other individual capable of speaking to the student’s strengths. References may certainly include a letter of recommendation, but the completed reference form must accompany the letter.
  • A brief essay (between 1500 and 2000 words) that will serve as an introduction to the Honors Council
  • Copies of recent transcripts (for continuing students only)
  • Any other pertinent materials which you feel the Honors Council should review

All application materials can be found on the Honors Program website. Application materials may be submitted via email to or via postal mail to the following address:

IU Southeast Honors Program
4201 Grant Line Road
New Albany, IN 47150

What happens after I apply?

Once all application materials are received, the Honors Council, which is comprised of faculty representatives from each school on campus, will review your application. Council Members generally post their decisions within 2-3 weeks of receiving a completed application. If you are accepted into the Program, you will be asked to confirm your acceptance. Once you have confirmed your place, you will be considered for a Chancellor’s Honors Program Scholarship.

What can I expect as an Honors Student?

Are there additional costs associated with Honors coursework?

No extra costs!

Is there a student organization for Honors students?

The Honors Program Student Activity Board (HPSAB) is a very active group which frequently organizes student events, including movies, fundraising events, and both on- and off-campus volunteer activities.

Can I withdraw from the Honors Program if I decide that it’s not for me?

While we hope this isn’t the case, if you should choose to withdraw from the program, it is at your discretion to do so. However, we do recommend a meeting with the Program Director to discuss all options as we hope withdrawal would be a last resort.

May I talk to someone about the Honors Program?

Of course! You may contact the HP Office Assistant by phone at (812) 941-2196 or by email at to set up a meeting with Dr. Salas, the Honors Program Director. You can also find information - including the application - on our website.