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Mission & Pillars

Mission & Pillars of the IU Southeast Residential Community

The Office of Residence Life and Housing creates living-learning environments committed to holistic student development, academic success, and civic engagement. The department strives to provide safe, well-maintained housing facilities that engage students in meaningful discourse and interaction while providing opportunities for personal growth and service to the community.

The pillars of our residential community guide the work done by staff in the division and define who we are as an office. Each pillar acts as a support in helping students learn, develop, and grow during their time of living on campus, and serves as a foundation upon which we build our mission. The five pillars of our residential community include:


Resident students learn more about themselves and others through an examination of personal values. They develop close connections with peers in a supportive, nurturing community.

Cultural & Global Awareness

Resident students develop a knowledge and appreciation of other cultures while promoting the understanding of sensitivity and respect as integral to interactions between individuals and groups.

Integrated Learning

Resident students integrate life experiences and classroom learning in a dynamic living environment that is conducive to academic success. Life skills develop in a supportive environment.

Civic Engagement

Resident students gain an understanding of issues surrounding them in the world today and participate in activities that make a contribution to society.

Leadership Development

Resident students value the opportunity for self-governance and understand the impact an individual's actions can have on others. Residents enhance their leadership skills through increased participation in student-led and designed activities.