IU Southeast strives to provide the most secure environment possible for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Keeping all of our resident and non-resident students safe is our priority.

Access Security
Residence Hall exterior doors are equipped with electronic access control. Residents scan their U Card to enter their designated hall. Only residents and appropriate staff can enter the residence halls. Apartment and bedrooms doors are secured by traditional keyed locks.

Fire Protection
The apartments, bedrooms, and common areas in each lodge are equipped with protection systems including hard-wired fire alarms and state-of-the-art fire sprinklers.

Police & Surveillance
The IU Southeast Police Department is a fully empowered law enforcement agency. The main objective of this department is to ensure the safety, peace, and tranquility of the academic community and our residence halls. Police officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day. Closed circuit surveillance cameras, monitored by the police department, are located at every residence hall entrance/exit door and throughout campus. (insert link to the police page)

Residence Hall Staff
Each hall is staffed with a Residence Hall Resident Assistant (RA) who works closely with our campus police to ensure students’ safety. All of our RAs monitor the security of our residence halls. The RAs are trained on how to respond to emergency situations if needed.

Security Outside the Halls
Emergency telephones, blue emergency lights, and ample exterior lighting are located outside each building, in the residence hall parking lots, and along all of the walkways.

Emergency Notification
Timely, reliable communications are critical in emergency situations. The IU Notify system allows IU Southeast – and all other IU campuses – to notify students, faculty, and staff through voice and text messages during a campus emergency. Messages can be sent to landline phones, cell phones, and e-mail addresses. The system has the capability of reaching all faculty, students, and staff within minutes. In addition, each Lodge has an intercom system that may be used during emergency. Residents will hear the announcement in all common areas and individual apartments.