A student's signed Residence Life & Housing Application and Contract is a financially and legally binding agreement with the University. A student may request in writing to break his/her contract for the following reasons:

  1. S/he is academically suspended/dismissed. The Office of Residence Life and Housing will receive a complete list of academically suspended or dismissed students at the beginning of each semester and will process the housing contract cancellation.
  2. S/he participates in an approved IU Southeast sponsored off-campus program, such as student teaching or overseas study, that requires him/her to be housed off the IU Southeast campus. (A copy of supporting documentation MUST BE PROVIDED with this request. This could include things such as a letter from a program director or appropriate school on letterhead detailing the student’s participation in the desired program.)
  3. S/he provides medical documentation of a serious medical problem or impending surgical procedure that makes it impossible for him/her to remain in campus housing.
  4. S/he graduates before the end of the contract period.
  5. The student is called to active military duty. (The student MUST provide a copy of military orders and military ID card with this request.)
  6. His/her student visa is revoked. (The student MUST provide a copy of a letter from a government official on appropriate letterhead detailing visa revocation.)
  7. S/he experiences a change in personal finances that was unforeseen and took steps to prevent and remedy the issue(s). S/he filed a special circumstances appeal with the Office of Financial Aid and was denied additional aid and believes s/he cannot rectify the situation in any reasonable manner.

If a student meets one of the criteria above and wishes to file an appeal, s/he must obtain and complete a Contract Appeal Form (found on the housing website) and meet with a professional staff member in the housing office. Forms are available from the Residence Life and Housing Office, Meadow Lodge 103. When completing this form, the student should include a description of reasons for making the contract breakage request and enumerate steps taken to improve the situation in order to meet contractual obligations. The Contract Appeal Form and supporting documentation must be submitted together and received by the Office of Residence Life and Housing within 30 calendar days of vacating a campus lodge residence for consideration. Requests received after 30 calendar days of move-out will not be honored. Should a student choose to depart for any reason not listed above, s/he will be held to the terms of the contract in its entirety, including, but not limited to, applicable penalties and cancellation costs. Decisions of the housing appeals committee are final.