Bulletin Boards and Posting Notices

Authorized student groups and official University departments may arrange to use housing facilities (such as mailboxes and bulletin boards) to disseminate information and publicize activities. All requests must be forwarded to the Office of Residence Life and Housing for approval. Residents can also contact their RA if they would like to create a display or posting for a class, general information, or educational purpose. All unapproved materials will be removed. No items may be slid under a student’s room doors without prior approval. At no time may an outside company publicize any products or services in the lodges without written permission of the Director of Residence Life & Housing. Publicity that promotes alcohol consumption or drug use is prohibited. Door to door publicity is prohibited in University housing facilities and is reserved only for Residence Life and Housing staff. (Please see the Sales and Solicitation policy for more information).

Cable TV

Cable television is available at no charge in all apartment common areas and bedrooms. All TVs must be newer than 2007 and have a QAM tuner. If a TV does not have a QAM tuner, the TV will NOT work on our cable system. You are highly encouraged to purchase a name brand TV. Off-brand TVs often do not work with our cable system. Please keep your receipt if you are purchasing a new TV to make sure it works with our cable system.

To set up your cable:

  1. Connect your TV to the cable jack with a coaxial cable.
  2. Run a channel scan on your TV. Make sure to select cable as the source. The scanning option can traditionally be found on the setup section of the menu.
  3. If you are still not able to access channels, please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing for assistance. DO NOT CONTACT UITS. THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU.
  4. If you are using an older TV or a TV without a QAM turn you can purchase a digital converter box. Here is the recommendation from our service provider:
    1. Campus Televideo has tested and recommends Technicolor DCI 401 because it is a “100% compatible” model. All standard definition and high definition channels will pass through the converter box and display on an analog television. Your high definition (HD) channels will be scaled down and will not be in a true HD format but will be viewable.

There are less expensive set top box converters that are 99% compatible. The iView 3500STB II has been recommended by users (This is the converter that most of our students purchase). Less expensive set top boxes occasionally have closed caption or emergency alert notification problems.

Computer Labs and Computing Resources

Each lodge is equipped with a computer lab for residents. A printer is also provided in each lodge. Printing in the lodges is the same as on campus, and all pages printed will be deducted from a student’s printing allotment. Printer paper and toner are refilled by RAs as needed. In addition, each bedroom and living room is equipped with at least one Ethernet connection for direct access to the University network and the Internet. Ethernet connections are also available in the Great Room and in study lounges. Wireless access is also available throughout the lodges and in most outdoor spaces. Online gaming systems, such as an X-Box, and VoIP phones may also be used in the lodges, but these items must be registered on the network.

Installation of non-university issued wireless network equipment by residents is prohibited in locations where campus housing network service is provided and managed by the University. If a device interferes with the wireless network maintained by IU Southeast IT staff, the owner of the device will be asked to discontinue use of the item or to work with IT staff to resolve the conflict. If the issue persists, the owner of the device will go through the student conduct process and access to wireless internet may be turned off for an extended period of time for the user.

Students need to provide their own CAT6 patch cable to plug their computer into the wall jack. A 25-foot cable is recommended to allow for flexibility in setting up an apartment space. Students may also wish to purchase a USB flash drive as computer labs on campus are not equipped with disc drives or zip drives. Information Technology staff are available to assist with connecting computers to the network and making sure that all software configurations are correct. They can be contacted by phone at (812) 941-2447.

For more information about computing resources, printing, and system requirements to access the network, please visit

Laundry Facilities and Vending

Main laundry rooms are located on the second floor of each lodge. A smaller laundry room is located on the first floor for individuals unable to use the stairs. Vending machines are located in each lodge. All vending machines and laundry machines are coin-operated and will also work with your CrimsonCard. Students may deposit money onto their CrimsonCard for use in laundry and vending machines. Deposits can be made online on the CrimsonCard website or via Deposits can also be made at the Bursar’s office, by phone, and at the cash-to-card machine located adjacent to the dining commons. Residents should report any problems with laundry machines to the Office of Residence Life and Housing in Meadow Lodge. Vending problems should be reported to the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found is located at the University Police office in University Center 027. All abandoned items should be turned in to the police department. The Office of Residence Life and Housing will submit any found items to University Police.

Meeting Rooms/Great Room and Common Furnishings

Furnishings in the Great Rooms, Study Rooms, Computer Labs, and public areas are for the collective use of all residents living in the area. Furnishings, decorations, and equipment must remain in their proper location and may not be moved to resident rooms or to any other area. Any resident found with common furnishings in their room or apartment may be subject to disciplinary action and required to return the item to its original public area location. Rooms are available for use by University-affiliated organizations for events and gatherings. Students should inquire with the Office of Residence Life and Housing for forms, policies, and procedures for use.

Mail Services

Receiving Mail
Mail is delivered to resident student mailboxes Monday through Friday, except holidays, by Residence Life and Housing staff. Resident mail should be addressed as follows:

Resident’s Name
4201 Grant Line Road
_____Lodge; Apt. _____
New Albany, IN 47150

Mail Forwarding
The Office of Residence Life and Housing will only forward first-class mail for one month after a resident’s move-out date. Mail that does not contain first class postage will not be forwarded. To ensure that mail is forwarded, residents must change their address with those companies and individuals sending mail two to three weeks prior to their move-out date. Residents will not be able to process an address change through the US Postal Service. Residents must update their information with those sending mail. The Office of Residence Life and Housing will collect forwarding addresses through the online checkout registration form. Address updates for the University may be completed through

Roommate Agreements

A Roommate Agreement is developed during the first month of the semester through the active participation of apartment residents and a Residence Life and Housing staff member. A Roommate Agreement serves as a tool for discussion so that roommates can establish agreeable conditions for their individual living situation. For best results, students in each apartment should agree to meet and review agreements and discuss concerns and issues on a monthly basis. RAs will assist in the facilitation of these discussions.

Study Rooms

Each lodge has at least one study room designated for quiet study and/or group project work. Study lounges are equipped with Ethernet connections and wireless access for laptop computers. Dry erase boards are also located in each study room. It is the responsibility of the resident using the room to clean the board when finished, and arrange the furniture back to its proper location.


Telephone services are not provided. Students may contract telephone service with their preferred provider using a Voice over Internet Provider (VoIP). Each lodge is equipped with a courtesy telephone in the main entryway and in the second floor computer lab. These phones can be used to make local calls only. Residents are asked to limit their use of these phones so that all residents and visitors can have equal access when needed.