Alcohol and Displays – Substance and Alcohol

Public intoxication, use, or possession of alcoholic beverages on University property, including in the lodges, is prohibited regardless of age. Unused alcohol will be disposed of by the student under the supervision of staff or University Police. Severe violations, such as a keg or an unusually large amount of alcohol, may result in dismissal from the lodges. Displays of empty alcohol, wine, liquor, shot glasses, or beer containers, including boxes, are not allowed. These displays glorify alcohol use and misuse and do not contribute to the intellectual and educational mission of the institution. Such displays also pose a potential health problem.

Drugs and Illegal Substances – Substances and Alcohol

State and federal laws prohibit the possession of and/or use of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia. The possession, use, sale, distribution, or cultivation of any type of illegal drug or substance such as, but not limited to, barbiturates, hallucinogens, marijuana, amphetamines, improper use of prescription medications or use of non-prescribed medications, or drug paraphernalia are prohibited in or around University housing facilities or by residential students. The misuse or abuse of legally procured products or substances for mind-altering purposes is also prohibited.

IU Southeast has a “zero tolerance” policy with regard to the use and/or possession of illicit drugs and/or the misuse of legally procured substances for the purpose of mind-alteration. Violations of the policy will result in dismissal from the residential facility.

In addition to University consequences, students cited by law enforcement officials may be subject to criminal prosecution, fine, and/or imprisonment.