Candles and Incense – Personal Safety and Security

Candles (lit or unlit), incense or incense burners, or any other appliance or item that operates or utilizes an open flame, are prohibited in all residential facilities. Potpourri and candle warmers that do not utilize an open flame are allowed.

Fire Safety – Personal Safety and Security

Tampering with fire safety equipment is a serious matter that may result in criminal charges and disciplinary action, which may result in the termination of a resident’s housing contract. This includes the inappropriate use of fire extinguishers, fire alarm pull stations, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire panels, propping fire doors, etc. Covering smoke detectors or sprinkler heads is strictly prohibited.

Residents and/or their guests may not remove smoke detectors from their fixed positions. Only authorized University staff or their authorized agents may remove/replace or perform necessary repairs to smoke detectors. In addition, experiments involving the use of chemicals are prohibited.

Fireworks – Personal Safety and Security

Resident students shall not use, or have in their possession, fireworks or explosives of any kind while living in University facilities. Such possession or use will result in disciplinary action. Because both the possession and the use of fireworks, firecrackers, and explosives are violations of Residence Life and Housing policy, any such items that are in plain view will be confiscated by IU Southeast Police and/or Residence Life and Housing staff.

Immunizations – Personal Safety and Security

All residents must follow the university’s immunization compliance policy.

Mental Health Wellness – Personal Safety and Security

Due to the nature of life in a residence hall, residents who make suicidal statements, attempt suicide, or take action that threatens their health or safety may be asked to leave housing. In cases of mental health-related incidents, the University reserves the right to contact the student’s family or emergency contacts. A student may be permitted to remain in housing or be readmitted to housing after such an incident occurs with written permission from the Director of Residence Life and Housing and may be subject to, but not limited to, completing the following actions:

  • Sign a release to enable University officials to consult with medical doctors, mental health professionals, or their designees about the student’s mental health issues as well as receive copies of history and physical examination forms, discharge summaries, and continuing care plans.
  • Follow the recommendations of an assessing general practitioner as well as those imposed by the Director of Residence Life & Housing as it relates to life on campus/residing in campus housing.
  • Sign a release with the University Personal Counselor allowing the Director of Residence Life & Housing to know that the student is engaged in a committed counseling relationship and is actively seeking assistance and/or treatment for mental health-related issues.
  • Assume financial responsibility for off-campus assessment and treatment.

Sports and Horseplay – Personal Safety and Security

Engaging in sports in a campus residential facility is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, playing/dribbling ball, riding skateboards or bicycles, in-line skating, bowling, throwing Frisbees, shooting water guns, throwing darts, or engaging in any other activity which might disturb or endanger the safety of others or damage University property. Throwing, dropping, or shooting any object into or out of a window or off a balcony is prohibited.