The Residence Life and Housing department, as a member of the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, also strives to assist students to live and learn by following the division learning outcomes that include:

Community and Social Engagement

  • Students will cultivate healthy, meaningful relationships with others.
  • Students will contribute to the social, economic, or educational development of the campus and surrounding community.
  • Students will effectively work with team members through engaging in discussions, listening, completing assigned tasks, providing assistance and/or encouragement, and treating others with respect and dignity.

Leadership and Global Perspective

  • Students will engage others to build consensuses, define values, or meet shared goals.
  • Students will recognize, respect, value, and understand the impact of multiple perspectives and diversity, and the interconnectedness of global and local communities.
  • Students will demonstrate transferrable professional skills developed while participating in curricular and co-curricular activities with a socially diverse group of people.

Health and Wellness

  • Students will manage physical and mental health behaviors in a way that will promote personal growth, development, resiliency, and risk reduction.
  • Students will demonstrate time management, financial literacy, and study skills.
  • Students will identify and utilize campus and community resources to address challenges or solve problems.

Character Development

  • Students will express ideas, values, beliefs, and challenges orally, non-verbally, and in writing.
  • Students will make informed choices with respect to ethical principles and community standards while foreseeing the consequences of their choices.
  • Students will think critically using complex information from a variety of sources, including personal experiences and observations, to draw logical conclusions and form unique decisions or opinions.