Resident Assistants (RAs)

The Residence Life staff member residents will see most often is their Resident Assistant. RAs are students assigned to a specific community and are chosen for their leadership, maturity, and desire to help others. Their major responsibilities include knowing each student in their community, serving as a resource, making referrals, planning activities, enforcing Residence Life and Housing and University policies, facilitating a lodge environment conducive to community living and learning, and familiarizing students with University services and regulations. Students who have a roommate conflict or need other assistance should first reach out to their RA for help or guidance.

Office Services Assistant

The Office Services Assistant is responsible for many administrative functions within the department. These responsibilities include supervising the student office assistants and making sure that the office is running smoothly. Students who have any questions about a package, lockout, or work order, or have other office-related needs should see this person.

Residence Life Coordinators

The Residence Life Coordinators are professional staff members who live in the lodges. The Residence Life Coordinators’ main purpose are to supervise the RAs and any other student group within the lodges, assist with any emergencies or roommate conflicts that the RAs are unable to resolve, and help facilitate the student conduct process. These staff members are also responsible for fostering and facilitating the living learning experience of students living in the lodges.

Director of Residence Life & Housing

Director of Residence Life & Housing oversees the Residence Life and Housing operation and is responsible for supervising the Residence Life Coordinators and housekeeping staff. The Director is responsible for the maintenance of facilities, the budget, and policies or procedures while also serving as a University student conduct officer.


Housekeeping in public spaces of the lodges is completed by Residence Life and Housing custodial staff who take great pride in providing a clean and well maintained environment for students. Housekeeping staff provide daily routine cleaning in public areas of the lodges.

Maintenance Staff

Routine maintenance is provided by Facilities Operations staff. Maintenance personnel perform routine preventative maintenance on all equipment and mechanical systems as well as make necessary repairs.