Students are encouraged to personalize and decorate their living spaces in a reasonable and comfortable manner as long as no damages or permanent changes are made to the structures or furnishings in the room. Highly combustible materials such as parachutes and netting used for decorations are a fire hazard and are not permitted. The University strongly recommends that residents not hang anything with any type of device that may mark the walls including nails, hooks, screws, or removable hanging strips. Residents will be held financially responsible for any damage (i.e., hole in the wall, removal of paint) to the walls, ceiling, and/or woodwork. Residents should also avoid the use of glow-in-the-dark stars or similar materials as the adhesive damages the walls and ceilings. Nailing or tacking anything to doors or any woodwork is not permitted. Varnishing, painting, wallpapering any walls, floors, or woodwork is not permitted. Charges for holes left from nails, screws, etc., will be assessed to residents.