To ensure the health and safety of all residents, health and safety inspections are completed at least once per semester. Resident Assistants or other authorized University personnel conduct these inspections and check for general cleanliness, unauthorized appliances, policy violations, safety concerns, and missing and/or damaged furnishings. During the inspection, all appliances (personal and university owned) will be opened and inspected for cleanliness. In order to maintain a healthy living environment residents are asked to keep their living space clean which will minimize the possibility of pests.

Health and Safety Inspection Process:

  • Residents will be notified of scheduled inspections a minimum of 48 hours in advance when possible.
  • Inspections of each apartment will be conducted by two Resident Assistants or Residence Life Staff who will complete the Health and Safety Inspection Summary Form. If possible, at least one roommate should be in the apartment at the time of the inspection to receive any instructions on correcting conditions if necessary.
  • If conditions are found that require attention, residents will be required to take corrective action within 48 hours of notification, after which time a second inspection will be undertaken. Additional time may be requested by residents depending on the items that need attention.
  • If the same or similar condition(s) exist during the second inspection, the residents may be assessed fees for cleaning and/or to correct any other damage/violation that may have occurred in the apartment.
  • Upon request, a student must remove (within 48 hours) furniture or any other item deemed to be a housekeeping/fire hazard/banned item. If it is necessary for Physical Plant staff to remove such furnishings, the student will be billed for their services.
  • Repeated violations of health or safety standards may result in disciplinary action.

What are we looking for during Health and Safety Inspections?

  • Clean rooms (lived in, but not filthy and/or dirty)
  • Clean bathrooms (sink, shower, floors, toilet)
  • Clean kitchens (sink, stove top, floor, etc.)
  • Clean appliances (stove, microwave, refrigerator, etc.)
  • Trash/recycling has been taken out (it’s not overflowing in the container)
  • No halogen lamps, pets, etc.
  • No holes in walls
  • Too many things plugged into outlets, extension cords, etc.
  • Open food (pest control)
  • Screens - In the windows and in good condition
  • No non-standard room issue University furniture in room (a.k.a. lounge furniture, street cones, etc.)
  • Note – If policy violations are found during the inspection, they will also be handled at this time.