After dark, residents should walk with at least one other person, or if possible, in a group, in well-lit areas. Emergency phones are located throughout campus for use in the event of an emergency. Emergency phones can generally be found in any parking lot and near campus buildings; the phones connect to University Police immediately.

Residents who suspect any criminal activity or see suspicious behavior should call University Police immediately at (812) 941-2400 and/or contact a Resident Assistant or the Office of Residence Life and Housing at (812) 941-2115 as soon as possible. Storing these numbers in a cell phone for quick reference is encouraged. Residents should not allow people they do not know to enter the lodges.

Safety Tips

Residents can assist in ensuring their personal safety and help with protecting the property of others by observing good safety practices. Students should:

  • Lock room doors when they leave their room/apartment regardless of the length of time they plan to be gone.
  • Identify visitors before opening a door. If the individual does not live in the lodge, ask them to remain outside until their guest arrives.
  • Keep all items of value, such as money, wallets, purses, and jewelry, in a secure, out-of- sight location.
  • Engrave all valuable items with a name. Keep a record of all valuables, their description, and serial numbers.
  • Do not leave notes on doors indicating no one is home.
  • Never loan keys or ID to anyone.
  • Do not leave keys lying around in rooms/apartments.
  • Report the loss of keys/CrimsonCards to the Office of Residence Life and Housing and University Card Services immediately.
  • Report all thefts immediately to University Police and/or the Office of Residence Life and Housing.
  • Report to the Office of Residence Life and Housing any doors, locks, or windows that need repair.
  • Be suspicious of unknown persons loitering or checking doors in living areas. Note their description, and call University Police immediately.
  • Require identification and authorization from repair or maintenance personnel who ask to enter rooms/apartments.