Performance Development


Performance development is the ongoing process between supervisor and employee of communicating and clarifying position responsibilities, priorities and performance expectations to guarantee mutual understanding and to enhance effectiveness in achieving the campus and departmental mission and goals. Whereas a performance appraisal is just one step, usually occurring on an annual basis, performance development is more holistic, involving greater communication efforts, using evaluation and feedback throughout the year. The process encourages a "coaching" style of management with frequent feedback. It also focuses on teamwork and adding value to the organization. Performance development improves performance and skill development, but is not tied to compensation or promotion in order to ensure that it is developmental as opposed to judgmental.


  • Elicit and increase two-way communication between supervisor and employee
  • Clarify mission, goals, responsibilities, expectations, work assignments
  • Recognize quality performance and identify performance issues
  • Develop staff member's skills for current position as well as for future assignments or positions

Key Concepts

Performance development

  • is a process, not an event (coaching, feedback, communication);
  • is primarily a communication tool for clearer understanding;
  • is the establishing of position-specific critical duties for evaluation;
  • is establishment and communication of performance standards for each critical duty;
  • requires employee involvement;
  • provides for employee development;
  • may involve information from other supervisors, peers, customers.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Provide continuous coaching and feedback
  • Establish and communicate job responsibilities, performance standards, priorities and expectations
  • Monitor and document staff member's performance
  • Help identify skills and abilities of staff members for improved performance
  • Remove barriers for good performance
  • Accept responsibility for being a dynamic supervisor

Employee Responsibilities

  • Performance Participate in identifying and defining job responsibilities and performance standards
  • Provide and receive feedback in a constructive manner
  • Accept responsibility for personal growth
  • Assess strengths and areas for improvement

Performance Evaluation Template

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