Canvas Course Global Template Changes

Global Course Template Notes

A sample course based on the proposed template is available for CPC review in the Canvas Test Instance.

To fully appreciate the impact of the changes in the template, view the course both as a teacher (your assigned role in the course) and as a student (using the Student View option available under Settings).

Things to keep in mind while exploring the sample course:

  • All native Canvas tools are visible in the course navigation menu for instructors regardless of whether they've been hidden/disabled or not. Students can only see native Canvas tools if they are enabled (not hidden).
  • Most native Canvas tools, if enabled, are not visible to students until content has been added to the tool by an instructor.
  • Hidden/disabled LTI tools are not visible in the course navigation menu for all roles. When enabled, the visibility of LTI tools is controlled by its configuration. Some (e.g., SIS Grade Roster, IU Photo Roster, etc.) are no visible to students or observers. Most are visible to all course members.
  • The IU Photo Roster is now hidden in the course navigation menu. Instead, a link to the Photo Roster is available at the top of the People tool.
  • The SIS Grade Roster is now hidden. Instead, the SIS Grade Roster is in option under the Settings menu of the Gradebook tool.
  • The default home page content has been changed from Modules to Syllabus. CPC input is needed on whether this is the best option.

The currently available settings and tools in the Canvas course navigation menu are documented in the following pages. Changes to the current defaults accomplished via the template are designated by a value in the Change to column.

Changes to course settings

Changes to course settings
Setting Default Change to
Home Page
Comments: CPC input needed on best option for home page.
Modules Syllabus
Users can only participate in the course between these dates Off
Language Not set English (US)
Grading Scheme
Comments: The provisioning job sets the scheme to match the grading basis in SIS.
License Private
Visibility Course
Customize Off
Include this course in the public course index Off
Restrict students from viewing course after end date Off
Restrict students from viewing course before start date Off
Format Not set
Description Blank
Let students self-enroll by sharing with them a secret URL Off
Show recent announcements on Course homepage Off On
Number of announcements shown on the homepage 3
Let students attach files to discussions Off On
Let students create discussion topics On Off
Let students edit or delete their own discussion posts On
Let students organize their own groups On
Hide totals in student grades summary Off
Hide grade distribution from graphs from students Off On
Disable comments on announcements On
Can create, rename, and edit course pages by default Only Teachers

Changes to Course Navigation Menu - General Principles

  • Reduce course navigation menu by hiding/disabling less frequently used core Canvas tools.
  • Hide/disable all global and campus-specific LTI tools except those deemed as essential
  • When it makes sense, expose LTI tools elsewhere in the Canvas UI (for example, the Lock/Unlock Course Widget and Cross-listing Assistant are available via the sidebar in the Course Settings screen.

Changes to Course Navigation Menu - Native Canvas Tools

Native Canvas Tools
Tool Current Change to
Home Visible
Announcements Visible if content present
Assignments Visible if content present
Discussions Visible
Grades Visible
People Visible
Pages Visible if content present Hidden
Files Visible if content present Hidden
Syllabus Visible
Outcomes Visible if content present Hidden
Quizzes Visible if content present Hidden
Modules Visible if content present
Conferences Visible Hidden
Collaborations Visible Hidden
Chat Visible
Attendance Hidden
Settings Visible to instructors only

Changes to Course Navigation Menu - LTI Tools

LTI Tools
Tool Default Change to
AdRx Token Generator Hidden
Attendance Hidden
BadgeSafe Hidden
Box Course Folders Hidden
Broadcast Hidden
Campus Course Policies Visible
Campus Library Tool(s) Visible
Cengage Hidden
Course Networking
(CN Post)
Visible Hidden
Course Questionnaire Visible
Cross-listing Assistant
Comments: Exposed via Settings
Export Grades for SIS
Comments: Exposed via Gradebook
ForClass Hidden
Google Drive Hidden
IU eTexts Visible if course uses eText
IU Photo Roster
Comments: Expose via People
Visible only to faculty Hidden
Kaltura: Media Gallery Visible Hidden
Kaltura: My Media Visible Hidden
MacMillan Education Hidden
McGraw Hill Connect Hidden
MyLab and Mastering Hidden
Comments: Expose via People
Visible Hidden
Office Mix Hidden
Peason Revel Hidden
Piazza Hidden
Questionnaire Responses
Comments: Same data is available via Course Questionnaire tool.
Visible only to faculty Hidden
Quick Check Hidden
Respondus Lockdown Browser Hidden
Roster Status Report
Comments: Expose via People
Scorm Hidden
SIS Faculty Center Hidden
SIS Grade Roster
Comments: Expose via Gradebook
Visible only to faculty Hidden
SIS Performance Roster
Comments: Would like to find an alternative to the global nav. Gradebook?
Visible only to faculty
Student Engagement Roster (Faculty)
Comments: Would like to find an alternative to the global nav? Gradebook?
Visible only to faculty
Student Engagement Roster (Students)
Comments: Would like to find an alternative to the global nav? Gradebook?
Comments: Also deployed to Schools of Education at Bloomington, Southeast, and South Bend
Visible Hidden
Video Bridge Hidden
View'em Hidden
VoiceThread Hidden
WebDB Hidden