ILTE Teaching Mini-Conference

This workshop, open to all faculty, is held prior to the beginning of the fall semester. Themes vary from year to year, but the day typically begins with a keynote speaker followed by concurrent sessions on improving teaching and enhancing student learning.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Location: Hoosier Room

Cost: Free

Check back soon for more information about next year's conference.

2018 Conference

Keynote Speaker - Dr. DeDe Wohlfarth

Professor of Clinical Psychology, Spalding University

Dr. DeDe Wohlfarth

Motivating Today’s Learners to Become Tomorrow’s Leaders

How do we set up a classroom that will inspire even the most reluctant learners in the back row, staring intently at their phones? A common claim among academics is that Generation Y and Z are “entitled.” Yet labeling an entire generation with a sweeping negative characterization interferes with our ability to connect with, and thus teach to, our students. Everyone is motivated to learn—the challenge is motivating them to learn the content area we are teaching. As teachers, we have the power to create classrooms that engage learners on a deep level, so they can move past the “Is this going to be on the test?” mentality we often unwittingly reinforce. The keys to creating such laboratories of learning are 1) knowing our students well; 2) utilizing evidence-based teaching practices; 3) teaching in a culturally responsive manner; and 4) understanding ourselves as teachers. Whether you have been teaching one year or many, let’s explore some best practices ideas you can utilize for your class next week (even if your syllabus isn’t quite done yet.)

Breakout Sessions

  • Leading the Discovery of Purpose in the Classroom - Ken Harris & Jared Law-Penrose
  • Tell Them What You Want: Transparency and Clarity in Course Assignments - Jennifer Ortiz
  • “Why Are We Doing This Anyway?!”: Developing Transparency in Teaching to Improve Student Learning - Jacob Babb