All international students at Indiana University Southeast are required to have health insurance for themselves and their families. The U.S. does not have a nationalized health care system, and medical care is extremely expensive.

Students who need medical care and do not have insurance may end up owing thousands of dollars. The health insurance system offers protection against these costs.

IU has a mandatory health insurance program for its students. International students are automatically enrolled in this plan when they register. The premium amount is shown on the student's bursar bill each semester. The health insurance information package given at the International Student Orientation explains this.

Please review the insurance policy carefully in order to gain the maximum benefit from it. In particular, please read the section on the expenses that are not covered by the policy and the information concerning deductibles.


Insurance for dependents is not billed to the student's bursar account. It must be purchased separately within 15 days after arriving in the United States.


Keep all bills or receipts. The insurance company must have the bill in order to provide reimbursement.