Support Services Tickets

Area At Bloomington At New Albany Percentage
Students 198 181 3.5%
Staff/Faculty 175 352 34.4%
Totals 373 533 18.5%

Support calls made to the (812) 941-2447 help line are answered by the UITS Call Center in Bloomington, where a technician works with the caller to solve their problem. Some problems require a local technician to intervene. This chart shows how many calls are resolved at each location and the percentage of the total number of calls by role.

Monthly Web Traffic (Past 6 months)

Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Total Visits: 602172 Total Views: 3060954
119086 85490 88229 113190 101908 94269
597369 433018 438159 563063 542450 486895
Unique Page Views
A unique pageview, as seen in the Content Overview report, aggregates pageviews that are generated by the same user during the same session. A unique pageview represents the number of sessions during which that page was viewed one or more times.
The initial session by a user during any given date range is considered to be an additional visit and an additional visitor. Any future sessions from the same user during the selected time period are counted as additional visits, but not as additional visitors.

Top 5 Projects

Classroom Life-Cycle Replacement & Upgrades On Time

Replacement of older projectors and other AV equipment in selected classrooms. Includes wiring upgrade to digital and change to widescreen format in both projectors and screens.

Due Date: 08-15-2014

Building Rewiring On Time

UITS is replacing network wiring and switches in all campus buildings. In most cases, new wiring closets are also being built. Knobview and Ogle Center are the first in line.

Due Date: 12-31-2015

Open Study Space Renovations On Time

The Knobview/Ogle Mezzanine and two open study areas in Life Sciences and Physical Sciences are being renovated into modern collaborative study spaces.

Due Date: 08-15-2014

IU Southeast Web Branding Update On Time

University Communications has updated the IU branding standards for campus websites. The web team has updated the home page and is systematically changing the brand elements on all other pages.

Due Date: 12-31-2014

Wonderland Way Web Page On Time

New webpage for the Wonderland Way art collection development project.

Due Date: 04-11-2014