Initiatives & Projects

A great deal of IT activity each year is in support of big picture projects and plans. Following are some major initiatives currently in the works.

IUS.EDU Web Redesign Project

This multi-year web development project includes re-thinking the information architecture of each school or departmental webpage, redesigning the “look,” updating the content, and adding new, interactive functionality. Official campus web pages are built into the university’s Web Content Management System (WCMS), which allows personnel in each department to keep their page content up-to-date with simple editing tools.

Network 10-Year Master Plan

The campus data network is the backbone of virtually every service that IT provides. How can we ensure that the network is robust and grows to meet the demand of both current services and those that haven’t yet been invented? Once finalized and approved, the Network 10-Year Master Plan will provide for updating old wiring and hardware, expanded capacity, and backup assurance.

Building Rewire Project

As part of the Network Master Plan, IU is undertaking a two-year project to rewire IU Southeast's building that have out-of-standard wiring and wire closets. This massive undtaking involved pulling all new wires, new switching gear in the closets, and in many cases new closets themselves. Once completed, the project will allow for a tenfold increase in wired network speed. Knobview Hall and the Ogle Center are the first buildings, and will be followed by Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Hillside Hall, and some non-classroom buildings.

Classroom Technology Refresh

This ongoing project revisits all 116 classrooms that have been equipped with computing and projection to refresh the technology with an eye toward the future. Analog equipment and wiring are upgraded to digital, newer display technologies are installed, and collaboration technologies that accommodate users who bring their own devices are explored.

Classroom Assessment Task Force

IT, Physical Plant and ILTE have partnered to meet with deans and faculty from each school to learn about faculty needs and promote innovative classroom designs and technologies. We're opening the dialogue to discover what faculty wish they could have, and also to share with them outside ideas of what could be done. The project goal is to strategically upgrade classroom facilities to support new teaching methods and empower faculty to use them well. The Registrar also consults on this task force.