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To gain access to IU online tools such as Umail, One.IU, Canvas and other programs, you must obtain an IT account.


Create Your IT Account

  1. Go to the Accounts Management web page.
  2. Choose Create My First Computing Accounts.
  3. Enter your Last Name, Birth Date, and University ID Number.
  4. Read through the following pages and type YES into the text box.
  5. If given the option, choose a username.
  6. Choose either an Umail (Google) or Microsoft Exchange (employees only) email account.
  7. Create a passphrase
    • Passphrases must contain at least 15 characters and 4 words separated by spaces.
    • Each word has to be two characters or more. For example, the words “I” and “A” do not count as words in this situation.
  8. Choose and answer 3 security questions and click Done.
  9. You should receive a confirmation page, please print for your records.

Types of Accounts

In addition to the accounts listed below, your school or department may offer student, faculty, or staff accounts on its servers. Check with your school or departmental technology office for more information.

Guest Accounts at IU Southeast

  • Indiana Public Library Account – Grants access to the computers at the IU Southeast library. Accounts are offered to Indiana and Louisville Metro residents with a photo ID.
  • IU Guest Wireless Account - Grants access to the wireless guest system. Multiple accounts can be requested at once. Accounts must be requested by an IU Faculty or Staff member.
  • Conference Accounts – Grants access to the wired computers in IU Southeast’s STCs. Multiple accounts can be requested at once. Accounts must be requested by an IU Faculty or Staff member.
  • Online Applications Account – Grants access to IU online applications and services.

Common Tasks & Troubleshooting

  • Accounts - Creating your first accounts, seeing what accounts you have, getting more accounts.
  • Account termination - When you leave IU, extensions, keeping an IU email address after you graduate.
  • IU Address Book listings - When your listing will appear, how to change your information.
  • Passphrases - Passwords and passphrases, forgotten passphrase, set or synchronize your passphrase, choosing a secure passphrase.
  • Quotas - Quotas, quota problems, request a quota increase.