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Permanently-Installed Equipment

More than 100 classrooms at IU Southeast are permanently equipped with a full array of AV equipment.

Permanent AV Equipment Locations

Delivered Equipment (Classrooms Only)

How to Reserve:

All IU Southeast classrooms have a standard package of permanently-installed AV equipment. Faculty may request equipment for delivery if a classroom doesn't contain the specific equipment needed.

The Reservation Application is for classroom use only. Just click the "Reserve AV Equipment" button, fill in your request and submit it. You'll receive an email confirmation of your "pending" submission and a second email confirmation when your order is approved and placed on the delivery schedule.

The equipment will be delivered directly to your classroom. You must be a member of the IU Southeast faculty or full-time staff to use this service.

Note: This application requires an IU username and passphrase. If you do not have an IU account, please visit the Account Management page, or call the Help Desk at (812) 941-2447.

AV Equipment Reservation Policies
  • We require 48 hours advance notice to fulfill delivery requests. The request is placed on the daily delivery schedule and handled as a routine setup. Equipment availability is first-come, first-served.
  • Only faculty members may request equipment. If a student needs equipment delivered to a classroom, he or she must ask the faculty member to reserve it.
  • IT equipment is for on-campus use only. It is not insured for off-campus use.
  • The primary purpose of the AV equipment pool is to support classrooms. As such, classroom requests take precedence over meeting and event requests.

Check-Out Equipment

There is a limited amount of equipment available for non-classroom use. It must be picked up and returned to the appropriate lender. It is for faculty and staff use only.

How to Reserve:

On-Campus Use:

The IU Southeast Library is now responsible for lending out AV equipment for use on campus. This equipment includes a small inventory of portable LCD projectors, laptop computers, video cameras, tripods, and PowerPoint remotes. Contact the Library Circulation Desk to inquire about checkout procedures at (812) 941-2485.

Off-Campus Use:

Faculty may reserve some portable equipment from ILTE that is insured for off-campus use. Available equipment includes portable LCD projectors, laptop computers, video cameras, tripods, USB microphones and PowerPoint remotes. Contact ILTE at (812) 941-2506 for more information.

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