UITS provides a wide variety of state-of-the-art technology services designed to empower you to do the things you want to accomplish in your role—whether student, faculty or staff member.  

Get Your CrimsonCard

It's our campus ID card. Every student, faculty or staff member needs one.

Accounts and Passphrases

Gain access to IU’s online tools and programs with an IT account.

Email Support

Learn which email service to use and find other information about IU email.

Student Printing and Copying

Find out how printing allotments are calculated and where to find specific printers.

Technology Labs

Find computer labs on campus and see what they have to offer.

Network and Security

Learn how to protect your devices and your data, plus how to access the wireless and VPN.

Software and Hardware

See which software titles and hardware brands you can get for steep discounts.

Classroom AV

Discover what is in specific classrooms and available check-out equipment.

Office Phones and Fax

Read how to update your IU contact information, and employees can learn about desk phones and IU Fax.

Web & Application Development

Create your own IU web page, or get help with official IU Southeast departmental web pages.

Video Bulletin Board

Promote your event on our campus digital signs.