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Computer User at IU

By logging into an IU computer, you agree to the IU User Privileges and Responsibilities policy.


All buildings on the IU Southeast campus, along with most outdoor spaces, are equipped with Wi-Fi access called IU Secure. To set up your wireless connection, visit support locations in US100, CV112, or US212. You may also visit IUware and download the IU Secure client under Network & Printing.

Identity Finder

Identity Finder is a tool to help prevent identity theft. It is available to students, faculty, and staff. It can search for, protect, and dispose of personal information stored on your computer, file shares, or external media. This information includes credit card numbers, bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, birthdates, passwords, driver's license numbers, addresses, passports, employee identification numbers, maiden names, or other data you determine.


The Virtual private Network (VPN) service at Indiana University has two primary purposes:

  1. It provides authentication and encryption when you use a home wireless network or the IU Wireless network at a regional campus. The VPN encrypts data you transmit wirelessly (e.g., passphrases, email messages) to prevent this information from being intercepted.
  2. The IU VPN allows you to authenticate and act as part of the IU network when you're connected to an off-campus network, for example, when you're using a non-IU Internet service provider (ISP). When you use the IU VPN, you can access IP-restricted university resources and connect to network file servers. The VPN allows you to access library databases restricted to IU students, faculty and staff, and also to access some of the software available on IUware.
To connect to the VPN, follow the steps below:
Windows Users
  1. Connect to the internet and open a web browser
  2. Go to the IUware for Windows website
  3. Click the download link
    • If you receive a pop-up from Internet Security, click ALLOW
    • If you receive a pop-up from Warning – Security, click RUN
  4. Allow the connection to install
  5. The default path should be your personal (H:) Drive
  6. Any other drive can be accessed in the top right “Browse” bar
  7. Other drives can be bookmarked to open on startup
Mac Users
  1. Connect to the internet and open a web browser
  2. Go to the IUware for Mac website
  3. Click the download link
  4. After installation, start the Network Connect application
  5. On the address bar enter: https://vpn.ius.edu
  6. Follow the instructions provided