How to Edit Update Personal Contact Numbers

  • Go to One.IU
  • In the search box, type "personal information"
  • In the drop-down list, Personal information (students) should appear at the top of the list. Click it, then click Start on the next page
  • Look under the Personal Information tab and click Phone Numbers
  • Click on Student Home Phone
  • Enter the correct phone number(s)
  • Go to One.IU
  • In the search box, type "personal information"
  • In the drop-down list, Personal information (employees) should appear near the top of the list. Click it, then click Start on the next page
  • Look under the Phone Numbers section for your current number(s)
  • Click the Change Phone Numbers button to enter the correct phone number(s)

Directories and Information Numbers

  • Go to the IU Directory
  • For operator assistance on campus, dial “0”
  • Contact Indiana University Southeast: (812) 941-2000
  • Emergency Note: There are several bright yellow phones in various locations across campus. These phones are clearly marked "EMERGENCY" and have explicit instructions for direct access to the University Police Department

Office Phones and UniCom

What is UniCom?

UniCom is IU’s term for unified communications, a service that uses Skype for Business to bring voice, video, and data together in a unified desktop communication system, providing instant messaging (IM), telephony, email, desktop sharing, and audio/video conferencing.

UniCom offers many advantages over traditional telephones. By tying into your desktop computer, many services are now available that can aid office efficiency and improve communications across campuses.

  • Simple 10-digit dialing
  • No long distance charges
  • Instant messaging between Lync users
  • Video calling from your desk to other Lync users (webcam required)
  • Join video conferences from your desk
  • Desktop sharing
  • Integration with mobile devices
Learn how to use UniCom
For Windows Users
For Mac Users
About the Standard Desk Phone
Where can I get help?

Call the Support Center at (812) 941-2447, Option 5. Technicians who are specially trained for UniCom/Lync will help.

Voice Mail Attendant for Adjunct Faculty

For the convenience of adjunct faculty members and their students, UITS offers an automated voice mail attendant. It provides a way to leave voice messages intended for faculty who do not have a personal office phone on campus.

How it works:

When callers dial the special adjunct voice number, (812) 941-2122, they are prompted by the auto attendant to state the name of the faculty member they are calling. The auto attendant will ask them to leave a voice mail message, which is then forwarded to that faculty member’s email. The adjunct faculty member receives an email with an audio attachment that may be played back on their smart phone, tablet, or computer.

To take advantage of the voice mail attendant, adjunct faculty need only to verify that their email address is correct in the Personal Information section in One.IU, and check their email periodically for messages. The auto attendant does the rest.

For questions or concerns about this service, please contact the Support Center at (812) 941-2447 or

Communication Service Fees

Current Rates

Effective August 1, 2013, communication services will be charged to schools and departments based upon the following rates:

Installation Charges Monthly Rate
Voice over IP or analog line $30
Telephone, installed $281.94
Wireless headset, installed $225.94
Conference room phone installation $71/hr + materials
New number $29
Move telephone $59
Change equipment $41.30
Voice/data - new jack/outlet or activation $71/hr + materials
New fax - IU Fax $29 $8
CIC Group (Previously ACD - Automated Call Distribution) $110 $80
     CIC Reporting $70
     CIC Call Recording $11
     CIC Agent $27
Expedite fee: Pre-Wires (same or next day service) $142
Expedite fee: For moves, adds, changes (same or next day service) 2X installation charge per line or requested service
Event setup (Telethon, streaming) $71/hr + materials

IU Fax: From the Desktop

The IU Fax online service allows IU Southeast faculty and staff to send faxes directly from their computers via a web interface.

  • This service is not available to students.
  • Currently, there is no installation fee, and there are no monthly charges.
Sending faxes - How it works:

Sending is easy. Go to IU Fax (requires an IU username and passphrase). Follow the instructions to enter the sender and recipient information and then attach and upload your file. The file must be in .pdf, .doc, or .docx format.

Receiving faxes – Special setup required:

If you wish to receive inbound faxes through IU Fax, you must set up your office for this service:

  • Email IU Fax Service with a Network ID (or email account) and request a new fax number—or, if you are converting from an existing fax line, provide the existing fax number. The fax line will be associated with the Network ID. Note: Using an existing fax number will disable the physical fax machine associated with that number.
  • When an inbound fax is received, the Network ID or email account associated with the fax number will receive an email notification. Clicking the URL provided in the email will allow you to download the incoming fax in PDF format.
Group faxing

If your office group needs to monitor a particular fax line, two options exist; Email IU Fax Service with the appropriate information to set up either of them:

  1. Provide a group network account and an ADS security group to be associated with the fax number. Email notifications are sent to the network group account only. Each member of the ADS security group will have access via the IU Fax Service web portal to all the faxes sent to the group account.
  2. Mail-enable an ADS security group and provide the name of the mail-enabled security group to be associated with the fax number. Email notifications are sent to each member of the group. Each member of the ADS security group will have access via the IU Fax Service web portal.

Note: If you are a member of a group that uses group faxing, your outbound faxes will be viewable by everyone in the group.


If you encounter difficulty sending with IU Fax, it may be due to:

  • Wrong number: Double-check the recipient's number.
  • Busy fax machine: The fax machine you're sending to may be too busy to accept another fax. Try waiting a bit and sending your fax again.

If you’re still having trouble, contact the Help Desk at (812) 941-2447 for assistance.