Printing, Copying, and Faxing

Student Printing 

Welcome to IU Print

Student printing at IU Southeast is now part of IU Print. A student ID card, known as the UCard, is required to release your print jobs.

Using IU Print, Step-by-Step:
  1. Send your job from a computer using the print option (Ctrl P, File Print, etc.)
  2. Walk over to printers and swipe UCard on preferred Print Release Station.
  3. See a list of prints that stay in the queue for 1 hour.
  4. Select proper job from list and release it to print.
  5. Printer prints job.
  6. Take print with you.

IT has installed new printers throughout the campus for both black and white and color. Each printer now has a touchscreen Print Release Station (PRS) attached to it. The PRS is a computer that shows a list of jobs to be printed or deleted. Each Print Release Station has a card swipe on top of the monitor.

When you send a print job to the printer and swipe your card at the PRS, the job will show up on the PRS monitor. It’ll stay in the queue for one hour.

Simply touch and drag to select multiple prints, or delete the jobs if you change your mind. Your available print allotment shows at the bottom of the monitor. You can also print anywhere on campus, not just to the printers near the workstation.

Note: If you have just received a new UCard it will not work for an hour or two.


All students will receive $2.70 per credit hour up to a maximum of $32.50 (equal to 650 1-sided b&w pages).

Note: Print allotment funds cannot be used for any other purpose and are non-refundable.


Student accounts will automatically rollover up to $15.00 of your allotment (equal to 300 1-sided b&w pages) from Fall to Spring, and up to $15.00 from Spring to Summer. Allotments reset each Fall.

Printing Charges:

B&W = 5¢ per page
B&W Duplex = 8¢ per page
Color = 25¢ per page
Color Duplex = 45¢ per page

Increasing Your Allotment:

Adding funds to your UCard at the Cash to Card Kiosk or online will not increase your print allotment. Students must visit the Bursar's Office or the Library Circulation Desk to pay for additional print allotment funds.

Mobile Printing from Personal Devices:

Use your IU email address to send your documents to the campus black & white or color print queue from anywhere. You can use any device that can send email, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers.

To use mobile printing, attach the document you want to print to an email message, as described below. Then release the document at any Student Technology Center (STC) print release station.

Printing a document from your IU email account:

  1. Use your IU email account to start a new email message. Address the message to one of the following:
    1. Black & white:
    2. Color:
  2. The body of the email message does not need any text.
    1. If the body of the email contains more than a few lines of text, the system may automatically create an additional document in your print queue. Likewise, if the body of the email contains a graphic, it may also appear as a separate item in the print queue. However, if you do not wish to print these extra files, you can delete them at the release station and avoid incurring any printing charges for them.
  3. Attach the file to be printed and send the email message.
    1. The format can be any of the most common file types: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, JPG and GIF graphics files, and PDF files. Some PowerPoint documents may not render properly.
    2. You cannot print web pages directly to mobile print. You must first save the them as a PDF files before attaching them to the email message.
    3. Duplex (2-sided) printing is not currently available via the mobile print function.
  4. You will receive an email confirmation that the job is submitted and ready for release at a Print Release Station. This may take a few minutes depending on the size of the document. Go to any Print Release Station, swipe your campus card in the reader, choose the document from your list in the queue, and print it.

Printing a document from non-IU email accounts:

The above instructions work immediately with an existing IU email account. If you wish to add non-IU email accounts from which to send mobile print jobs, you must log into the Pharos Web Release page and add the new address(es) to your profile. You will receive a confirmation request email to complete the process. Upon confirming your address, follow the instructions above.

Printing from IUanyWare:

To print from an IUanyWare application, see the IU Knowledge Base article How do I print from an IUanyWare application?.

Duplex Printing, Color Printing & Copying:

Black & White duplex prints must be released at Copy/Email/Duplex station. Copy/Email/Duplex stations are located in US100, LB200, CV112, KV207, and GC 400.

All color release stations have a duplexer installed. By default they will still print on one side but students can change that to two-sided printing.

Color printers are located in US100, LB200, CV112, KV207, LB208, HH203, and LF300 Lobby.

Printer Locations:
Black & White - Release Stations
CV 112 FL 100 GL 100 HH 123 HH 203
KV 207 LB 100 LB 200 LB 240 LB 300
LF 111 LF 115 LF 399 ML 200 OL 100
PS 015 PS 100 PS 299 US 001 US 100
US 206 WL 100
Black & White - Direct Print
CV 108 HH 102 HH 113 HH 205 KV 208
KV 215 KV 237 LB 235 LF 101 LF 105
LF 235 LF 240 LF 343 LF 374 PS 007
PS 014 US 245
Color - Release Stations
CV 112 HH 203 KV 207 LB 200 US 100
Color - Direct Print
LB 208
Black & White - Copy/Email/Duplex
CV 112 CG 400 KV 207 LB 200 US 100

Scanning to Email

There is no charge for scanning to email.

Fax Machines:

There is a fax machine in the Library copy room for public use (local/toll free/IU campus faxes only). No department on campus currently has a fax machine that students can use for long distance.

Public Copiers:

A coin-operated copier is located in the Library, room 216. Copies are 10¢ each. If you experience difficulties using the copier, please see a staff member at the circulation desk.

Student copying is also available student labs listed above.

Faculty & Staff Only

Departmental Copiers

All copiers on campus are on a lease with Ikon. Each department is responsible for individual lease charges and click charges, to be paid monthly. Lease charges include all service and toner. Staples must be purchased separately. For questions concerning your bill or service please contact us at(812) 941-2329

For service or toner please call our local Ikon representative at (888) 456-6457 You will need to have your ID number available for reference..

Please order staples by using a procurement card at (888) 456-6457

FedEx Office

All official IU Southeast printing jobs can be sent to FedEx Office for printing, copying, and finishing. Please use the website to submit all orders. If you have questions please contact us at (812) 941-2329

FedEx Office offers quick turnaround time, desktop delivery, and color printing/copying and competitive pricing.

IU Fax: From the Desktop

The IU Fax online service allows IU Southeast faculty and staff to send faxes directly from their computers via a web interface.

  • This service is not available to students.
  • Currently, there is no installation fee, and there are no monthly charges.
Sending faxes - How it works:

Sending is easy. Go to IU Fax (requires an IU username and passphrase). Follow the instructions to enter the sender and recipient information and then attach and upload your file. The file must be in .pdf, .doc, or .docx format.

Receiving faxes – Special setup required:

If you wish to receive inbound faxes through IU Fax, you must set up your office for this service:

  • Email IU Fax Service with a Network ID (or email account) and request a new fax number—or, if you are converting from an existing fax line, provide the existing fax number. The fax line will be associated with the Network ID. Note: Using an existing fax number will disable the physical fax machine associated with that number.
  • When an inbound fax is received, the Network ID or email account associated with the fax number will receive an email notification. Clicking the URL provided in the email will allow you to download the incoming fax in PDF format.
Group faxing

If your office group needs to monitor a particular fax line, two options exist; Email IU Fax Service with the appropriate information to set up either of them:

  1. Provide a group network account and an ADS security group to be associated with the fax number. Email notifications are sent to the network group account only. Each member of the ADS security group will have access via the IU Fax Service web portal to all the faxes sent to the group account.
  2. Mail-enable an ADS security group and provide the name of the mail-enabled security group to be associated with the fax number. Email notifications are sent to each member of the group. Each member of the ADS security group will have access via the IU Fax Service web portal.

Note: If you are a member of a group that uses group faxing, your outbound faxes will be viewable by everyone in the group.


If you encounter difficulty sending with IU Fax, it may be due to:

  • Wrong number: Double-check the recipient's number.
  • Busy fax machine: The fax machine you're sending to may be too busy to accept another fax. Try waiting a bit and sending your fax again.

If you’re still having trouble, contact the Help Desk at (812) 941-2447 for assistance.

Analog Fax

For the present, analog fax lines may still be used. The current charge for analog lines is $30 per month per line. There is an installation fee of $125 for a new line. Service calls are $26 per visit.

Fax dialing from the Ricoh copiers and traditional fax machines differs slightly.

Faxing from a Ricoh Copier:
  • Local Faxing: Dial 9 + 1 + [Area Code] + 7-digit number
  • Long Distance: Dial 9 + 1 + [Area Code] + 7-digit number + Pause + Pause + Pause + Pause + [Long Distance Authorization Code]
  • Toll Free: Dial 9 + 1 + [Area Code] + 7-digit number
Faxing from a non-Ricoh Analog Fax:
  • This will vary by manufacturer, but is similar to the Ricoh. Long distance will require using the "Pause" button or the "," button; whichever is available. Non-Ricoh devices only require the use of two pauses.
  • Long Distance: Dial 9 + 1 + [Area Code] + 7-digit number + Pause + Pause + [Long Distance Authorization Code]

For assistance making a long distance fax please contact the Support Center at (812) 941-2447 or submit a ticket via the web form.