Video Bulletin Board (Digital Signage)

The Video Bulletin Board (VBB) is what we call the flat-panel TVs placed around the University Center and other locations to display notices about current campus events. The VBB is also part of the campus emergency notification system. The VBB is managed jointly by Information Technology and Marketing & Communications.

How to Submit your Event:
  • Events or notices of campus-wide interest should be submitted via the Submit an Event link on the IU Southeast homepage. Or you may this direct link to the VBB submission form: Submit an Event. Currently, there is not a way to submit to both the campus events calendar and VBB at one time.
  • If your event/notice has special graphics or logos, they may be submitted via email to the VBB Editor at
Usage Guidelines:
  • Only events/notices by officially recognized campus offices and organizations may appear.
  • Submissions must be received at a minimum of one week before an event; two weeks is preferred.
  • Slides normally appear in the signage rotation for a period of two weeks prior to the date of an event.
  • Notices that must appear longer-term will appear on alternating days so that the signage does not look stale to our audience. Exceptions may be made for certain urgent messages.
  • VBB slides are like moving billboards, where messages must be simple and clear. Event details may be simplified on the final slide. The design of the slide is up to the discretion of the VBB editor, unless otherwise specified.
  • Messages must be suitable for a general campus audience and comply with campus guidelines. Questionable content is subject to rejection. The Director of Marketing & Communications will have the final say in such matters.
  • Select departments with staff graphic designers may be given permission by the VBB Editor or the Director of Marketing & Communications to design their own slides.