For Members of the Community

  • sponsor a guest speaker series.
  • hold festivals and a variety of regular events.
  • offer assistance to area school teachers interested in teaching about Japan.
  • offer Japanese language and culture classes on and off campus.

For Local Businesses

  • hold seminars and classes on Japanese culture and business practices.
  • assist with locating services that cater to Japanese business visitors.
  • maintain a list of translators and interpreters who cna meet business demands.
  • provide area corporations with infromation about Japanese business.

For Japanese Families

  • have a counseling service.
  • hold orientation classes for newcomers to American life.
  • offer English language classes for Japanese people.
  • sponsor the Japanese Saturday School at Indiana University Southeast, a program for school age Japanese, Japanese-American and other children who speak Japanese fairly fluently.
  • provide information about various aspects of life in the U.S.

For Students on Campus

  • assist Japanese students with various campus information.
  • participate in a host family program.
  • maintain a lending library, books, videos, etc.
  • maintain a list of tutors.