The Institute for Local and Oral History promotes the study and practice of local and oral history. Local history provides a window into how national and regional developments affect local communities and how local communities affect national and regional developments. Local stories also may differ significantly from existing narratives of history. Oral history provides firsthand accounts of history and adds new information not yet in the historical record. Our institute focuses on the southern Indiana area but also encompasses the Louisville area. We provide extracurricular opportunities to enhance student learning and promote campus and community engagement in history. We encourage students to engage in active and applied learning by doing history.

  • We put on and sponsor programming including oral history workshops and campus events.
  • We provide assistance to students and other campus and community members interested in learning more about oral history and/or embarking on an oral history project.
  • We create opportunities for students majoring or minoring in history by showcasing internship and volunteer opportunities.
  • We collaborate with other campus institutes and organizations concerning historically-related events and programming.
  • We spotlight the work of local historians even if their work is not related to oral history and the southern Indiana and Louisville area.

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