Summer I: May 12 - June 23
Summer II: June 29 - August 10

To use a Mathlab Zoom Room for tutoring follow the steps below.

  • Go to the IU Zoom website and register with Zoom.
  • All IU students can download and use Zoom. You must use your IU email. You cannot use any other email or it will not work.

Once you have an account

  • Check the time of day.
  • Login to the Zoom Room using the room numbers in the fourth column.
  • For technical assistance visit the IT Support website.
Math Resource Lab Schedule and Contacts
Host Host Email Work Hours Room Number
Robert Veith MW 12-6 991-8429-7470
Zoom Room Quick Link
Kevin Rees TR 6-9 922-6620-6062
Zoom Room Quick Link
Sandamala Hettigoda TR 9-3 919-6519-7317
Zoom Room Quick Link
Jordan Bales TR 3-6 936-4729-6451
Zoom Room Quick Link

Comments, Compliments & Complaints should be sent directly to the coordinator:

Photo of Cindy Light

Cindy Light

Senior Lecturer of Mathematics
Math Lab Coordinator

Physical Sciences 020C
Phone: (812) 941-2615

Revised 5/1/2020