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After you have submitted your Audition Application and/or Music Scholarship application, you can schedule your audition time using the form below. Please complete the form and provide three choices - in order of preference - for your audition time. We will do our best to accommodate your preference, but we cannot guarantee your requested time(s) will be available. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail once we have scheduled your audition time.

In order to confirm your audition reservation, we must have your application materials on file.
DO NOT complete the form below if you have not submitted either a Music Major audition application or a Music Scholarship application.
If we do not have your application on file, your request for an audition time will be denied.



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  We will contact you by e-mail confirming your audition reservation after we have received your Music Audition and/or Music Scholarship application.
If you are auditioning for admission to the Music Department as a music major, please select the concentration(s) you intend to pursue. If you are not auditioning for admission to the Music Department but are auditioning only for a music scholarship, please indicate that below.

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November 2, 2013*
February 1, 2014
March 1, 2014*
May 10, 2014**
August 20, 2014**

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*This audition date is for admission to the Music Department beginning Spring 2014 (January) or Fall 2014 (August).


*Deadline to apply for an audition on this date is Feb. 18 at 5:00pm.

**This audition date is for admission only. No scholarships will be awarded on this date. Students auditioning for a scholarship should do so on Feb.1 OR Mar. 1.


Performing Medium (List the instrument on which you will be performing or your voice type): 

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Audition Repertoire List the pieces, etudes, scales, etc., you plan to perform for your audition (a minimum of two selections):  View a list of acceptable repertoire suggestions

Vocal auditions must be accompanied. Accompanied instrumental auditions are preferred, but not required. You must provide your own accompanist if one is needed for your audition. If you need assistance in securing an accompanist, you can view our list of recommended accompanists and contact them directly. Be advised that you will need to contact an accompanist as far in advance of your audition date as possible. Also, please be aware that you will need to negotiate accompanist fees with the accompanist.
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You may also schedule your audition by calling the Music Department at 812.941.2655