Music Department


Tim Haertel is new Lecturer in Music Industry

Tim HaertelAfter conducting a national search, the Music Department is pleased to announce that Timothy Haertel has been hired to fill the newly-created position of Lecturer in Music Industry.

Mr. Haertel brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and leadership to this position, serving as President and Chief Engineer of TNT Productions since its founding in 1993.  He has produced and engineered hundreds of album projects, concert recordings, and Lonesome Pine Series radio shows.  Some of his most notable collaborations include recorded material released on Grammy winning artist Bela Fleck’s Live Art CD by Warner Brothers Records and the Grammy nominated The Louisville Project CD for Houston Symphony clarinetist Richard Nunemaker.  His national client list includes critically acclaimed groups such as Chicago Pro Musica, Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet, and the Emerson String Quartet.  Locally, Mr. Haertel has engineered recordings for ensembles and artists such as the Louisville Orchestra, The Kentucky Opera, and jazz artists Jamey Aebersold, Todd Hildreth, Dave Brubeck, and Steve Crews.   In addition to music-related projects, he has had experience producing and recording countless voice-overs for radio, television, and other commercial spots.  Timothy Haertel will be serving as director of the Music Industry concentration in the Music Department, which includes the sound engineering and music business tracks.