The IU Southeast Certificate in Network Technology is an introductory program for teaching students about designing, configuring and maintaining computer networks. Upon completion of this program, students have the skills and knowledge for various entry-level positions in the field of information technology and computer networking. Possible careers may include IT technician, PC technician, computer network technician, network support technician, and computer support specialist. Graduates with this certificate can go on to complete their bachelor’s degree or immediately enter the workforce.

Required Courses

A student will acquire a strong background in problem-solving techniques by completing two computer programming courses designed specifically for computer science majors. The CSCI-C 201/C202 sequence is required for CSCI majors.

* All courses require a grade of C or better.

Core Courses
Title Credits Offered Pre-requisites
CSCI-C 201 Computer Programming II 4 Fall, Spr, Sum, hybrid None
CSCI-C 202 Computer Programming 4 Fall, Spr, Sum C201
CSCI-A 247 Network Technologies and Administration 3 Summer C106
CSCI-B 438 Fundamentals of Computer Networks 4 Fall C202

Admission Process

Student must have an IU student identification card.

Advising Information

Students who intend to complete a Bachelor’s degree should regularly meet with their major advisor. In addition, the student should meet with the Natural Science professional advisor(s).

The Certificate in Network Technology (CNT) is a 15 credit program designed for students of any major or practicing professionals with software experience who aspire to manage network systems. All applicants are expected to have a working knowledge of common office applications software.

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