Healthcare Documentation Certificate

The Healthcare Documentation Certificate is an 18 credit hour program that trains students in medical keyboarding skills to produce dictated reports by physicians and other healthcare providers and ancillary disciplines to produce a legal document, which provides medical necessity to submit insurance claims, payment and audit procedures and to provide documentation of medical care in the event of legal or court proceedings. Such reports include hospital admissions, hospital discharge summaries, operative notes, pathology and radiology reports, surgical consultations, and psychological evaluations.

Career options available to those with this certificate include: medical transcription, medical scribe, healthcare documentation specialist, and speech/voice recognition editor.

Required Courses

Students pursuing the Healthcare Documentation Certificate must complete the following courses with a minimum grade of C:

Required Courses
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
AHLT-M 394 Healthcare Documentation Practicum 3
AHLT-M 393 Healthcare Documentation
AHLT-M 330 Medical Terminology
ANAT-A 215
Body Structure & Function OR
Basic Human Anatomy
3 OR
ENG-W 131 Elementary Composition I 3
Complete one course from the following
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
AHLT-R 200 Pathology 3
HIM-M 302 Health Law II and Ethics 3
HIM-M 470 Healthcare Reimbursement System 3

Specific degree requirements can also be viewed in the online Academic Bulletin.

University Credit Hour & Residency Requirements

Students must complete 50% of the required credit hours for a certificate in residence at IU Southeast.

Allied Health Residency Requirement

In addition to the IU Southeast Certificate Residency Requirement (minimum of 50% of total credits), students completing the Certificate in Healthcare Documentation are required to complete the following courses in residence at IU Southeast: AHLT-M 393 and AHLT-M 394.

General Education Core

The General Education Core does not apply to Certificate programs.

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