The Geosciences program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Geosciences with five concentrations.

Candidates for the BA in Geosciences may select more than one concentration; however, no more than two Geography concentrations may be completed. Please see you advisor for more information.

Human Geography Concentration

The Human Geography Concentration focuses on an understanding of foreign cultures, language, and history in relation to urbanization, industrialization, environmental between population growth and finite resources. Both developed and developing countries are the subject of study.

Human Geography Concentration - Degree Map Fall 2015 and beyond

Geographic Information Science Concentration

The GIS Concentration incorporates dynamic changes in current advances in spatial sciences and technology. The students that complete GIS concentration enhance significantly their employment opportunities especially in environmental consultation agencies, mapping technology industry and surveying. The GIS concentration pertains to all natural resource fields such as Geology and Biology as well as social studies and business. Students in this concentration develop skills in spatial analysis, environmental modeling, and computer programming. GIS is currently one of the most employable fields in the geosciences.

Geographic Information Science Concentration - Degree Map Fall 2015 and beyond

Environmental Geography Concentration

The Environmental Geography Concentration examines the causes and impacts of both natural and anthropogenic hazards. Prevention or avoidance, mitigation, public policy, and legislation are studied. Graduates of this concentration are well-prepared to work for local, state, and federal government agencies, as well as private environmental engineering firms.

Environmental Geography Concentration - Degree Map Fall 2015 and beyond

Physical Geography Concentration

The Physical Geography Concentration prepares students for the efficient utilization and conservation of these precious resources. The hydrological cycle is examined in the atmosphere, surface, and groundwater systems. The study of landforms, climate, and natural resources are emphasized to offer the student a greater understanding the earth's processes and environment.

Physical Geography Concentration - Degree Map Fall 2015 and beyond

Geology Concentration

The Geology Concentration offers a true interdisciplinary approach to science. Geologists employ aspects of Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, and Physics to more fully understand the earth´s history and processes. Geologists are broadly prepared in the natural sciences and have diverse field and laboratory experience with minerals, rocks, and fossils. The Geology Concentration is intended for students who intend to pursue a career in the private sector, local, state and federal government, and as a preparation for graduate studies.

Geology Concentration - Degree Map Fall 2015 and beyond

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