While there are multiple ways to apply for pharmacy school, Indiana University Southeast has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sullivan University College of Pharmacy. This program offers a fast track to a Doctorate in Pharmacy. Indiana University Southeast has created a pre-pharmacy track that will prepare students to enter the Doctorate of Pharmacy Program at the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy. In addition, via a reverse transfer agreement, students will be allowed to apply credits earned at Sullivan University for the completion of a Bachelor of Science in Biology or Bachelor of Arts Chemistry/Biochemistry at IU Southeast.

The prerequisites at IU Southeast include specific courses in anatomy and physiology, biology and chemistry, plus an array of general education courses. A total of 91 prerequisite credit hours are required for the Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry/Biochemistry and 102 prerequisite credit hours for the Bachelor of Science in Biology.

The Memorandum of Understanding between Indiana University Southeast and the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy requires that students who wish to pursue this option must seek advising from the Natural Sciences office in order to successfully meet all of the coursework requirements prior to their application to Sullivan.