Students pursuing a degree as a Pharmacist have the opportunity to work in a variety of healthcare settings including retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, compounding pharmacy, and insurance companies just to name a few. When selecting the undergraduate major, students should consider a major that has personal interest to them and will assist in meeting requirements for admission to the Professional Program at the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy.

Should the application to the Professional Program be unsuccessful, there are many alternate career paths that students may enter depending on their undergraduate degree, their interests, and experience.

All Pre-Pharmacy students are encouraged to enroll in Pathways for Pre-Professional Students (COAS-S 154) during their second semester at IU Southeast. This is a 1 credit hour elective course that will assist you with researching pharmacy as a career, and developing a "Plan B" should your application to the professional program(s) be unsuccessful.


Students are encouraged to pursue internships, externships, and/or research during their undergraduate career. Obtaining a position as a Pharmacy Technician is preferred by the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy, and will aid the student in determining if a career in pharmacy is a good choice for them.

Students may be eligible to complete internships or research for academic credit. Speak with your Academic Advisor and the Career Development Office for more information on Internships. Contact faculty members directly for current opportunities for research.

For more detailed and extensive information regarding careers involving this major, please refer to the Career Development Center.