Student Guide

The Academic Advisement Report (AAR) is an online tool to help you track progress toward degree completion. It identifies the degree requirements from your School’s Bulletin, lists the courses that meet each requirement, and applies the courses you have taken toward meeting each area. You can access it at any time, but it is especially helpful each time you register for or add/drop courses. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report.

However, you should consult regularly with an advisor to verify what is still needed to complete your degree, as you are ultimately responsible for fulfilling all degree requirements as stated in the bulletin.

Accessing The Report

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in
  3. Select or search for Advisement Report
  4. Under the Advising heading, click on Academic Advisement Report
  5. Select the Institution, i.e. Southeast
  6. Select the Academic Program
  7. Select the Report Type; click Process Request

Note: Choosing the report AAR & Transcript will produce a report that has your transcript, showing transfer courses, test scores, and other credit, where applicable.

Unofficial Transcript Component

Test Credit and Transfer Credit from non-IU institutions

Note: Course work completed at other IU campuses is not deemed transfer work, and therefore appears in your Undergraduate Record below.

Academic Program History, showing a sequential semester-by-semester display of courses completed and graded.

Program Summaries, showing your cumulative GPA hours and points, hours earned, hours transferred or tested, and your GPAs.

Note: The Program and IU summaries may differ due to differing policies covering repeated courses at other IU campuses. The Student Program Summary applies your school’s policy for handling repeated courses, while the Indiana University Summary calculates your GPA from all IU courses taken, including repeated courses.

Academic Objective as of Last Enrollment is located at the end of the transcript portion.

Grade Codes Appearing In Both Sections Of The Report

  • T: Transfer course with no grade specified.
  • T followed by a letter grade: Transfer course with a grade specified. The grade does not count in the IU/IUS GPA.
  • NT: Transfer course that has not been accepted.
  • S: Satisfactory. Does not figure in GPA.
  • NR: Grade has not been reported by the instructor. Appears next to in-progress courses in transcript portion.
  • R: Deferred.

Academic Advising Report (AAR) Component

The AAR consists of a series of degree requirements grouped together. The main header explains that specific section and is identified with the dark blue bar. Listed beneath are individual components (requirements) which contribute to the overall section, identified by the light blue bar. Special notations/reminders may appear throughout the report at different times during your academic career. These may be degree specific or more information in nature (i.e., alerting you to apply for graduation or that your GPA may be lower than the required minimum).

If the overall section of any individual component has not yet been satisfied, the green arrow will point downward and Not Satisfied will appear. In addition, the report will display a gird of courses that would fulfill that requirement. When the component or selection is completed, the green arrow will point to the right and the word Satisfied will appear.

General Structure

Because the AAR is designed to present all the options for each requirement, its length may be intimidating when you see it for the first time. Know that as you progress and meet requirements, portions of the report will close up, and the report will shorten.

The report is designed to move from broad requirements that apply to all students, to the more tailored requirements that apply to students in specific majors. Thus, your General Education requirements appear before your specific major requirements. If you have declared minor, the minor requirements will appear last, below your major requirements.

Use Of In-Progress Courses

The report assumes that you will successfully complete any course in which you are currently enrolled. Thus where an in-progress course fulfills a requirement, the header information will read Satisfied and the course which fulfills the requirement will be marked with a yellow diamond in the status column of the course grid.

Want To Explore A Different Major?

Use the “what if” functionality. Follow steps 1-3 in Accessing the Report, but select What If Advisement Report then: Click Create New Report, in the resulting screen, the pull-down menus permit you to structure “what if” scenarios, changing your campus, your major or minor, or your catalog year.

After selecting the “what if” options, click Submit Request. The resulting report will analyze your course work completed to date and present requirements as if you had already changed your major.