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The Office of the Bursar welcomes you to IU Southeast. We know that paying the tuition bill can be an overwhelming experience, so here are tips for making the payment process easier.

Office of the Bursar
University Center South, Room 103

Phone: (812) 941-2335
Fax: (812) 941-2639

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Bursar Payment Information

  • Educate yourself about tuition and fees. Tuition and fees are assessed on a per credit hour basis.
  • Avoid late fees & other penalties. Pay your bills on time to avoid late payment fees of 1.5% of the outstanding balance accumulated monthly.
  • Electronic Bills. All bills are electronic! Students will get an e-mail to their IU Southeast e-mail when a bill is ready to be viewed on
  • Pay attention to semester due dates and billing dates. For the Fall 2016 semester, an official university bill will be available in on August 18, 2016. When the bill is received, each student will be eligible for a personal deferment option. The deferment option will allow students or families to make installment payments due: September 10, October 10, November 10, and December 10. The cost is $15 per deferment for a total of $45 per semester.
  • Receive quick refunds with direct deposit. Students that sign up for direct deposit typically receive their credit balance electronically 1-2 weeks before receiving a paper check in the mail. A credit balance will be denoted by a CR after the balance due on the bill.
  • Read all e-mails and other information from our office. E-mails will be sent directly to the student via their IU Southeast e-mail address, as e-mail is the University’s official means of communication with students.
  • Stop before you drop. Review the refund periods online before dropping a class. Students may still owe for all or a portion of a dropped class, if dropped after the semester has started. The refund schedule can be found online.
  • Grant 3rd party user access. If someone other than the student is going to be paying the tuition bill, the student needs to grant access to the “Bursar Balances and Bills” check box on the 3rd party access screen in This is the best way to make payments online and to ensure that families will have access to the student’s bill.
  • Keep your contact information current. If you move during the semester, be sure to log into and update your address and phone number as soon as possible.
  • Add IU Bursar Pay ( to your e-mail address book. This will ensure you receive any statement notifications issued from our office.
  • Charge your books. Books purchased in the Barnes and Noble bookstore @ IU Southeast may be charged to your university bursar account through your UCard. Books may be charged from August 8 through August 25, 2016.

Steps to sign your Title IV Authorization online

Go to

  • Sign In
  • Search "Student Authorizations"
  • Click "Title IV Financial Aid Authorizations"
  • Your screen should read "No Student Authorization information on file"
  • Click the Green button "Grant Authorizations"
  • From there, follow the steps to complete the form

Sign Up for Direct Deposit

Have your bursar refund deposited directly into your checking or savings account.

Go to

  • Sign In
  • Search "Direct Deposit"
  • Click "Direct Deposit of Bursar Refunds"

How to print your 1098T

Go to

  • Sign In
  • Search "1098-T"
  • Click "1098-T Tax Form"


Call: 812-855-0375

3rd Party User Access

Go to

  • Sign In
  • Search "Set Up 3rd Party Users"
  • Click "Set Up 3rd Party Users"
  • Read the FERPA disclosure agreement (only presented the first time you access the page).
  • Click "I accept".
  • Provide a username, password, first and last names for your user.
  • Click "Bursar Balances and Bills" box.
  • Enter the 3rd Party User's email address; confirm the address by entering again.

Look Up Your Student ID Number

Go to

  • Sign In
  • Search "University ID"
  • Click "Student University ID Lookup"

How do I view my statement/Make a payment as a student?

Go to

  • Sign In
  • Search "Bill Pay"
  • Click "View/Pay Bursar Bill"
  • On the Billing page, click on the Statements tab or Pay
  • Click on PDF to view itemized bill with total due, deferment amount, due date, and message applicable to the billing cycle.

Review Bursar Holds

Go to

  • Sign In
  • Search "Bursar Holds"
  • Click "Record Holds"

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