Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply to the School of Nursing?

Applications for admission are available each February. You should apply the year that all pre-nursing requirements will be met by the end of the first summer session.

What criteria do the Admissions, Progression, Graduation (APG) Committee use to make admission decisions for the BSN?

Students are admitted based on grade point average (GPA) and the Reading Comprehension score on the Admission Assessment. Since spring 2010, a weighted score composed of the Reading Comprehension and the pre-nursing GPA has be used to rank students for admission to nursing. The weighting for each score is Reading Comprehension 25% and pre-nursing GPA 75%.

I’ve heard that some students get priority for admission. Is this true?

Yes. Priority for admission is given to all qualified applicants who have completed the majority (51% or 16 hours) of their pre-nursing course work at Indiana University Southeast. If additional space is available, the next priority is given to students who completed the majority of their course work on another Indiana University campus and are transferring to IU Southeast School of Nursing. Students transferring the majority of prerequisite course work from a non-IU school are given lowest priority for admission.

What is the likelihood for admission for students who finish course work in the Spring compared those who don’t finish until Summer I?

Students will be admitted to the School of Nursing in two cycles, Spring and Summer. Of the students admitted, 75% will be admitted in the Spring semester and 25% will be admitted at the end of Summer I.

Students who have completed course and GPA requirements by the end of the Spring semester and have taken 51% of prerequisite coursework on the IUS campus will be considered for Spring admission to the School of Nursing.

Students who have completed course and GPA requirements by the end of Summer I and have taken 51% of required coursework on the IUS campus will be the second group considered for admission. Students who met requirements but were not admitted in the Spring because space was limited will be considered again with the summer group.

Is the BSN course plan on the IU Southeast website?

Yes, the most recent BSN course plan is in the Programs section on the School of Nursing website.

May students take pre-nursing courses online?

Yes, a maximum of nine (9) credit hours of general education course work may be completed online. The only general education course that may not be taken online is SPCH-S 121.

Do any of the general education courses "double count" in the BSN course plan?

No. For the BSN curriculum, one course fulfills one general education requirement. When a course is on more than one list, the student must choose which general education requirement the course will meet. One course cannot be used to meet two requirements.

Are transfer courses included in my BSN application GPA?

Yes. Your IU Southeast transcript will not include the grades for the courses that you transferred. However, you will report your grades in transfer courses on your BSN application.

I have a transfer course that was accepted as undistributed credit. I think the course might count as a pre-nursing requirement. What should I do?

Undistributed course work must be approved by the School of Nursing Admission, Progression, and Graduation (APG) committee. The committee will need to review the course description and syllabus for the course. Contact the pre-nursing advisor for more information.

Are C minus grades accepted in the BSN degree?

No. Students who earn less than C in any course required for the BSN must exercise the grade replacement policy to repeat the course. The most recent grade will be used to calculate the application GPA. Only three courses may be repeated, and of those only 2 science courses may be repeated.

Should I retake a course to improve my grade if I have already earned a C?

Although this is not generally recommended, occasionally students who have already earned a grade of C or better in a pre-nursing course want to repeat that course to improve their application GPA. The second grade will be the grade calculated in the GPA, even if it is a lower grade. Note: Retaking a course for which you made a C or better is not considered a "repeat".

How many times can a course required for the BSN be repeated?

One time. Students must successfully complete all course work for the degree with a "C" or better by the second attempt. Students who exceed the repeat policy may still apply to the BSN, attaching a letter addressed to the APG Committee explaining their situation.

I am returning to college after ten years. Will my previous credits count toward the BSN degree?

Yes, EXCEPT for anatomy (ANAT-A 215), physiology (PHSL-P 215), microbiology (MICR-J 200/201). If these courses were completed more than 7 years before admission to the BSN degree, you must repeat the courses.

I am interested in the BSN degree, but I’m not absolutely sure that it is for me. Do you have any advice for me?

Yes. Consider the Hospital Shadowing course (COAS-S 100). This one credit hour course gives you an opportunity to shadow health care professional 3 hours per week at Clark Memorial Hospital. Contact the pre-nursing advisor for more information about this course.
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