The RN to BSN completion program has been developed to address the specific needs of working registered nurses who return to the university to earn the BSN. It is designed for RNs whose highest academic credential in nursing is a diploma or associate degree in nursing.

RN to BSN courses are offered using a variety of instructional methods to facilitate student learning and ease of degree completion.

  • In most cases, the student can take courses by attending class only one day a week.
  • Upon admission to the nursing cohort, the registered nurse can graduate within one year.
  • Credit is awarded for relevant courses taken at other accredited institutions of higher learning.
  • Registered nurses receive advanced standing in the baccalaureate program following successful completion of required nursing transition courses.
  • Registered nurses can receive credit for valid specialty certification from a professional nursing organization in an appropriate area of nursing. A maximum of 2 credit hours may be awarded.
  • Students can receive credit for prior knowledge and skills consistent with specific required course objectives/outcomes through the portfolio option.
  • Many academic activities can be integrated into the RN's current professional practice.

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The online application for the RN to BSN program closed on March 27, 2020.