To establish a mechanism for assessing, validating and evaluating prior learning in order to award course credit or exemption for undergraduate nursing courses. The portfolio provides evidence that students have acquired the content and skills through prior learning and/or practice experiences.

  1. Students may validate prior learning (academic work or professional experience) by  preparing a portfolio to demonstrate acquisition of content and skills commensurate with outcomes, competencies or objectives of a specific course.
  2. The portfolio option may be used for a course(s) as long as it does not interfere with other university or school course/credit hour policies related to progression or graduation.
  3. Portfolio courses are graded as satisfactory (S) or Failure (F). Students who are  successful in the portfolio process will be awarded “special credit” for the course in question through the Indiana University Special Credit process.
  4. To receive portfolio credit, students must be in good academic standing and demonstrate satisfactory progression toward degree requirements.
  5. Undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours on the campus awarding the degree. Courses/credits which are reviewed for portfolio credit do not count toward undergraduate residency requirements.
  6. Faculty reserve the right to determine if the student is eligible for the Portfolio alternative. This option will not be entertained when, in the faculty’s expert judgment, student learning might be compromised.
  7. The success of the portfolio depends on the students’ ability to present sufficient related materials that meet course objectives/competencies and critical learning experiences.

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