A-3. Calculating Grade Point Averages for Students Applying to the BSN Program

Target Group:  Basic BSN Students

Policy Type:  Revision


  1. The nursing grade point average (GPA) is calculated on all required courses for the nursing program.
  2. Students may exercise the grade replacement policy as specified by the IU Southeast registrar.  For students applying to the nursing major no more than three (3) general education courses required for the major can be replaced. Please note that although students may repeat two (2) science courses, the grade replacement policy maybe used for only one repeated science course.
  3. For repeated courses, the repeated grade will bethe grade used in calculation of the admission grade point average.

Effective Date:  Fall 2004

Approved by:  Admission, Progression, Graduation Committee: December 7, 2009
Approved by:  Council of Nursing Faculty: December 12, 2009