Rental FAQs

I want to hold my event at the Ogle Center; where do I start?

The best place to start is usually by calling the Ogle Center staff to discuss your event, your needs, and the availability of the spaces. Check out our Rental Price List for pricing. Please call Jay Moore, the Ogle Center Technical Director, at (812) 941-2503 to discuss renting the facilities. After we understand all of your technical needs, know what space you will need, and have confirmed the dates and times, please fill out a Venue Request Form to confirm your use of the space.

I know what space I need and my technical needs are minimal, is there a quicker way to get an event scheduled?

Yes, if you know your event's needs or you present the same event on a regular basis here at the Ogle Center, please fill out a Venue Request Form, making sure that you include current and accurate contact information and someone will contact you if we need any more information.

Is there a charge to rent the Ogle Center?

Yes, because it takes money to keep the Ogle doors open to the public and the university, we must charge for use of the facilties. Please see our Rental Price List  and contact the Ogle Center for more information.

As an IU Southeast department, student organization, or other IU Southeast affiliate, how do I go about reserving space in the Ogle Center?

IU Southeast affiliates go through the same process as outside entities to rent the Ogle Center's spaces. IU Southeast affiliates will not pay rental costs but will be responsible for all other costs associated with the event, including labor and equipment rental. Please contact an Ogle Center staff member about pricing and the technical needs of your event.

Can I rent space at the Ogle Center without being affiliated with IU Southeast?

Yes, the Paul W. Ogle Cultural and Community Center is available to the whole community.

Which space is best for my event?

The spaces available for rental at the Ogle Center vary greatly so capacity and technical needs usually determine the best space for your event. The Ogle Center staff can advise you on the best space if you have any questions.

Can I have my wedding at the Ogle Center?

At this time, the Ogle Center does not host weddings.

Can I bring in outside food or hire a caterer for my event at the Ogle Center?

At this time, all food for events at the Ogle Center must be provided by our on-site IU Southeast catering. Please contact Julie Ingram at (812) 941-2318 for more information, food options, and pricing.

Can I sell tickets for my event at the Ogle Center?

The Ogle Center is a TicketMaster venue and all tickets for events at the Ogle Center must be sold through the Ogle Center's Box Office. For more information on ticketing charges, ticket set-up, and final settlement for your event at the Ogle Center, please contact the Box Office at (812) 941-2525.

After you have your event at the Ogle Center, please fill out a Rental Event Evaluation to tell the Ogle Center staff how we did.

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