The Office of Institutional Effectiveness at IU Southeast supports institutional processes through which information about institutional effectiveness and student learning is consistently and routinely gathered and used to improve student learning and guide institutional decisions. OIE provides information and research about the university’s students, faculty, staff, programs, facilities and environment to the campus community and institutional stakeholders.


  • Promote a culture of evidence at IU Southeast by providing accurate and timely research and analysis of institutional data to the campus community for the purpose of improving student learning and guiding institutional decisions.
  • Support institutional assessment through the development and administration of assessment tools, such as paper-based and electronic surveys and forms, and the analysis and interpretation of data collected. Increase the efficiency of these efforts by training users to create tools, improving self-sufficiency.
  • Support program assessment by assisting programs and faculty with development, implementation, operation, and maintenance of their assessment programs. Improve academic and institutional assessment programs through best practice suggestions and implementation.
  • Provide coordination and support for research projects with institution-wide impact, including such activities as program evaluation, retention studies, market share analysis, and admissions.
  • Facilitate data management through the maintenance of various databases and census files for longitudinal studies and statistical analyses and coordination of data file development with system-wide institutional research offices.
  • Become more proactive in assessment and reporting by anticipating needs and developing tools to improve distribution of data and results when it is needed to guide decisions, making relevancy the priority.

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