Program Coordinators

  • Keep track of courses in the program that meet general education goals.
  • Provide faculty with guidance on meeting the requirements for general education assessment.
  • Direct faculty to OIE for assistance with assessment prior to a new course application.
  • Collaborate with OIE to collect and submit data by:
    • reminding faculty to collect data
    • reminding faculty to return data to OIE
    • informing new faculty of the process of collecting and submitting data

Faculty Members

  • Identify objectives to be met in specific course.
  • Identify/develop measures for the objectives (using OIE as a resource).
  • Develop data collection tool with OIE prior to a new course application.
  • Collect data each semester the course is offered.
  • Submit data to OIE for summary and reporting.
  • Review reports from OIE.
  • Make adjustments based on assessment and report those changes to the Gen Ed Committee.


  • Act as first point of contact for program coordinators and faculty members. OIE will provide assistance or direct coordinators and faculty members to appropriate resources.
  • Work with faculty members to identify/develop measures for gen ed objectives.
  • Work with faculty to develop data collection tools.
  • Provide tools to faculty every semester.
  • Collect, scan, summarize, and report data back to faculty members each semester.
  • Provide yearly data summaries to the GEC (at 3-year intervals).