2018-19 Academic Program Assessment Reports are due December 1, 2019. Coordinators, please check your email for step-by-step instructions on report submission.

All academic program assessment information is housed in Taskstream by Watermark. Coordinators are given access and instructions to their Taskstream program with access to their program learning goals, student learning outcomes (SLOs), measures, tools, and data results from 2015-16 through 2017-18. Data from 2018-19 will be added this summer 2019.

One primary goal of the OIE assessment team is to work with faculty of all programs, especially those with annual or biennial assessment cycles, to improve programmatic assessment and facilitate each program to achieve triennial cycle status. As of Spring 2019:

  • 13 programs (33%) are on the triennial cycle (18 to 24 pts)
  • 8 programs (20%) are on the biennial cycle (15 to 17 pts)
  • 19 programs (48%) are on the annual cycle (less than 15 pts)

Are you a new coordinator? Or are you planning on stepping down as coordinator within the next year? The Assessment Coordinator Guidelines provide information for assessment program coordinators. It is a good tool to pass along.

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